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Michelle Gauntlett thoroughly enjoys making sculptural forms and wearable art out of metal. She works with fine silver, copper and brass, hammering the metal into the desired shapes. Michelle’s large cuff bangles and wide rings are works of art with unique patinas and patterns, no two are ever the same. She believes in the connection that is passed on from the maker to the wearer/owner when items are hand made with passion. Michelle Gauntlett has created art all of her life, and continues to learn new techniques and ideas that further her knowledge of working with metal.

Enjoy Getting to know Michelle Gauntlett….

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic?

I have been making things with my hands all my life, exploring creating building up ideas so I guess that’s where my interest in “art” began.

What inspires you most?

The diversity of people and their ideas and the notion of a shared visual language. Patterns in nature

What message are you sending the viewer?

…a tactile experience shared through the marks and patinas in hand raised, formed and finished pieces

Describe your studio

It feels like a sanctuary…up high facing west with views of vast skies, it sits atop a large workshop which has been dug into the hill face behind the house….Beautiful light.

Describe your typical day of creating art?

In my home studio it involves choosing music, listing what’s next to work on, making sketches/ideas, thinking materials, checking what’s left to work with. Sometimes I rework pieces left on the shelf, push them further, or there may be a piece that I decide to develop in a different direction to see the effect.

What mediums do you use and why?

I love metal particularly copper and fine silver for forming because it’s soft and easier to hit. I use wood occasionally for beads or finials.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love getting feedback from people who want to hold the pieces then tell me it reminds them of pearl shell or a relic . I love that they are amazed how I can hammer these forms from a flat sheet of metal cause manipulating molecules this way amazes me.

Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still making and still teaching how to make.

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