Janine Daddo “Runaway With Me” Exhibition Opening 19th April

My True Love Said To Me 120x120 E1418004191256

Join us in celebrating the official opening of “Runaway With Me” by Janine Daddo

All new paintings and sculptures portraying feelings of love, happiness and the innocence of youth and young love. Join us for premium wines by SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS

“My heart was racing with the sheer joy of living in the moment, of letting go and floating in the magic of just being, no reservations, no predictions, provisos, distractions, no rules, just totally absorbed.

In my latest body of work I have taken time to reflect on these moments that punctuate our every day and celebrate their grandness. The intoxicating bliss of being totally in love, the giddiness of flirting with something or someone new, the honesty of watching the world around us and giving gratitude of being part of it.

Life is there to be lived…..experience it….come what may!!” Janine Daddo

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks

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