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Celebrated artist Janine Daddo creates vibrant happy paintings celebrating love, relationships and nature. Working with acrylics and beautiful patterned papers, her mixed media images are joyful, whimsical and heartfelt.

JahRoc Galleries have represented Janine Daddo for over 6 years and in this time she has become one of our most loved artists. Over the years we have found many happy homes for her unique paintings and have also helped many clients commission the perfect painting that represents their own life of family, love and relationships.

Enjoy Getting To Know Janine Daddo…

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic and realize you had talent?

Artist? well it’s an instinct … being a visual learner, interpreting the world around me by drawing is my strongest suit to let people know what I am thinking.  For me it has been a way of life. I am a story teller so painting and more recently sculpture has to be in everything, what I see, what I think about, how I listen learn & observe. From the day my parents gave me a 12 pack of Derwents to todays dozens of dog eared brushes I have doodled thoughts, ideas, memories and dreams.

As a young child our local doctors practice was a place I yearned to visit . . . . sick rarely but often caught pretending I would stand as if before the holy grail and stare at the art lined walls. Magnificent images of bizarre, beautiful and whimsical creatures… embodied in thick layers of paint. BOLD ..CAPTIVATING AND I FELT AT HOME!

It was many years later that I discovered it was the art of Mirka Mora. And so my journey began.

Where did you learn your art?

Learn art ? Techniques perhaps, insights for sure but I studied Graphic Art and Design at RMIT graduating in 1981. But let me back track… I had the wonderful experience of doing a TOP year at Box Hill Tech where for the first time I was mesmerised as black and white photographic images appeared before my eyes. I played with printing presses, 3D sculpture, spatial studies, life drawing, pottery and graphics.

And then after 18 years in the wonderful whirl of the advertising industry my career as an artist really began.

What inspires you most?

Life, watching people, small gestures, eyes, open hearts and minds, colour, patterns and love!

What message are you sending to the viewer of your art?

LOVE … live life with your heart on your sleeve.

Describe your studio…

Oh I have had many studios over the past 20 odd years, spare rooms, garages, sheds, a church, and finally now a purpose built little cottage! packed with canvases some started, some left, many finished many in progress… a 4-metre-long easel so I can be as heavy handed as I like! Mess, paper, lots of light and two old puppies as my muses who sleep as I work.

Describe your typical day

I can fit a lot in but painting is my focus… 7.30 start … view yesterdays heroes and hope I still am in love… prep new thoughts.. add layers of colour.. draw the million other ideas that randomly flow in and out of my mind.. up the house .. washing.. tidy.. coffee..paint some more …hang washing, unload dish washer .. lunch for whoever is there… paint.. realize how late it is .. go see my mum.. home .. catch-up with my kids day… play with the dogs .. go check my canvases to see if the magic painting faeries have done some work .. draw up tomorrows plan.. and eventually off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What mediums do you use and why?

Acrylics I love their drying speed also gold and silver leaf, crayons, beautiful papers, gloss varnishes and anything else I happen to come across!

What are you working on now?

Well I have a body of work I am preparing for the Hong Kong market and commissions for some of the beautiful families I meet on my journey.

What are some recent career achievements you feel proud of?

I was awarded a Melbourne Art Tram to paint and was so excited with how it turned out it is the biggest canvas I have ever worked on. And working along side Aboriginal Artist Wendy Hayden to create a joint piece for the Richmond Wellness Centre in WA.

What do you love best about what you do?

Creating beautiful pieces that are loved by many and grace the homes of wonderful people who see the love and want it to smile in their homes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In the studio painting, creating bigger and bolder work surrounded by inspiring people who give me the energy and the desire to dream on!

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Gary and Lara had the pleasure of visiting Janine Daddo in her studio recently. We captured some of our conversation when Janine ran through some of her techniques and inspirations.

Enjoy this video and finding out a little more about Janine Daddo…..

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