JahRoc uses customer’s own salvaged marri timber…

Jellicoe Jahroc Uses Customer Own Marri Timber

Good things come to those with patience…

It was in 2004 when Guy and Pat first visited JahRoc and told us about a Marri tree that had fallen down on their property. They had approached the right person who slabbed it up for them on site. It was a massive tree, the base about 4 meters in diameter, and once slabbed there was a decent pile for them to store.

At that stage when talking to us the timber still needed time to season, and Guy and Pat were undecided what they wanted to do with it.

So there it sat, all wrapped up in their shed, waiting for the right time to revisit possibilities.

13 years later…

Guy and Pat dropped into JahRoc Galleries in May 2017 for a visit with friends and just happened to mention their timber again. It sparked renewed interest and they were excited about moving forward and choosing some designs that would suit their home.

Gary and David took a drive to Serpentine to check out the condition of the wood. To their surprise and delight it looked really good. Thankfully it had been stacked well and stored out of the weather, so there was minimum cupping or cracking in the large wide slabs. It was all at the perfect moisture level to use straight away.

So they piled it onto the trailer there and then and brought it back to the workshop for the next phase.

The jigsaw puzzle began…

Guy and Pat gave us a wish list of the pieces of furniture they wanted made using their timber. We then machined it all up to see what we had to work with. The sanding exposed spectacular feature and colours, better than expected.

We then roughly drew the patterns in chalk to see how we could piece it all together with minimal waste. We wanted to use nothing but the customer’s wood if possible. With a few design changes we had the perfect arrangement and knew we would not have much to spare.

Then came the WOW factor…

The finished pieces of furniture truly are heirlooms of the future for this family.

The beautiful ancient Marri tree that gave Guy and Pat great joy when it was standing in their garden, has taken on a new life and now exudes it’s beauty inside their home.

Watch the Video of the delivery

The Finished Furniture

A lovely letter from Pat & Guy…

Dear Lara, Gary, David and all the JahRoc Team,
Firstly there are actually no words to explain how we feel about our beautiful new furniture.

It is amazing and every single person who comes into our home cannot get over how beautiful it is.

We thank you most sincerely for all your hard work and first class workman ship.

It truly is stunning and we will be forever grateful to you as I know our children will be in years to come.

Looking forward to all sitting around it and celebrating on Christmas day – as long as everyone uses their coasters and don’t spill anything!!!

We waited so long to make the decision to have this done and it is just so special knowing that all that wood actually came from Jutland Park.

We most certainly are enjoying it and feel very proud of this fantastic furniture.

Lara you were so right about the Dance chairs – love them and they just show off the tables so well.

It was just such a pleasure dealing with each and every one of you from the start to the finish.

Thank you for the four Certificates of Authenticity & Lifetime Guarantee which I will make sure are stored in a safe place.

We take this opportunity of wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018.

With our very best wishes to you all,

Guy & Pat, December 2017

Thankyou From Jahroc

Such a pleasure meeting you…

Gary and Lara Bennett, David and Joanne Paris would like to take this opportunity to say a heart felt thank you, Guy and Pat, for entrusting us to design and make your incredibly special furniture.
We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both throughout this journey and are delighted to have made you happy in the process.
From the JahRoc team.

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