GPR Outdoor Bench Seat – In The Making

GPR Outdoor Bench Seat - In The Making

When you visit JahRoc Galleries in Margaret River you will have the opportunity to sit on this unique bench seat on the verandah out the front and peruse the busy world passing by. Made with passion by Gary Bennett, it is one of those pieces that cannot be repeated due to the uniqueness of the timber. Gary certainly has the gift of turning a salvaged log into something imaginative and special… and what’s more it is 100% useful. “Functional Art”!! 

I love projects like this where I find a unique piece of timber and make what ever I like out of it. I also love doing the big mortice and tenons and the joinery that evolves along the way. Making this piece reminded me of a bench at my Uncles farm where we use to shuck abalone and clean fish after hunting exhibitions to the beach. It was one of the many rustic pieces made by Grandpa Royce (GPR – my uncles father) that initially inspired me in my teens to want to make furniture. 

Gary Bennett 2016

In The Making Photos…

The Finished Bench…