Get Uked, Artistic Ukulele & Guitar Stands – In The Making

Get Uked Artistic Ukulele Stand

When we heard that the 2019 inaugural West Australian Guitar Festival – Strings Attached – was going to be held in Margaret River , we knew that the event would be a winner for the region. There are not many people in the world who are not connected to the magic of stringed instruments in one way or another, either as a player, collector, listener, or an appreciator of their artistic beauty.

To support and be a part of the Strings Attached Festival, JahRoc Galleries are holding an exhibition titled “Get Uked” which is an exhibition of artistically embellished ukuleles by over 20 of our artists, a showing of some high end guitars form a private collector including a Casimi Guitar worth over $50,000, and an exhibition of some designer wooden guitar and ukulele stands by JahRoc Furniture.

“Get Uked” 12th October – FIND OUT MORE

Get Uked Ukulele & Guitar Stands

For our “Get Uked” exhibition Gary Bennett took on the challenge to create a groovy new ukulele and guitar stand. His criteria was to design something visually appealing (always on the top of the list), lightweight and easy to transport, small enough so it can sit on a sideboard for display, and to showcase some of our featured Western Australian hard woods for people to enjoy all over the world.

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The Process…


Is normally the most time consuming process when creating a new design concept. There are lots of patterns and jigs to be made, a mock up of the design in cheaper materials, adjustments, then resolution of the final design is made.


Choosing the right featured timber was a big part in Gary’s process, machining to the right thickness, vacuum pressing the curve in shape, sanding, inlaying, and applying an oil finish.

All ready to be packed up and sent to your home, anywhere in the world!