“Fish And Chips” by CHRISTINE HINGSTON October 2012

Christine Hingston In Studio 2012
Christine Hingston Fish And Chips 122 X122cm 294x300 1An exhibition of new works at JahRoc Galleries



Opening Saturday 29th September 2012

Closing Sunday 14th October 2102

Watch Christine paint “Fish and Chips” in the gallery on
Sunday and Monday of the long weekend
Sunday 30th September + Monday 1st October

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet Christine Hingston
and to watch her creative process at work

There are two questions asked endlessly…
One, how long did that painting take to complete’
Two, where do you get your inspiration from’

Answer one, a lifetime. I knew at the age of eight that all I wanted in life was to be an artist. I am so lucky that this dream has come true. I work full time from my studio painting, drawing, print making and recently working in ceramics.

Answer two, I don’t know where my creations come from but I do know that there are hundred waiting to be born.
Summer is on its way and I was asked by JahRoc gallery to create a new body of work based on the beach.
Waking one morning from a dreamy sleep I opened my eyes to see photographs of my grandchildren on my bedroom wall.
The twins, Emily and Thomas and toddler Oli. In a second a new group of paintings were born, I jumped out of bed and into the studio in my pj’s. Twin pole, Ice Cream Sunday, Spearmint Shake and Fish and Chips.
Simple figures drawn on canvas reflecting family life at the beach.

I feel privileged to present this work at JahRoc Gallery. I will be at the gallery over the Queen’s Birthday weekend where I will be working on a painting.
Come in and meet me and watch the creative process.

Words by Christine Hingston September 2012

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