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Tahli & Chelle

Tahli & Chelle

Tahli & Chelle – Artists – Paintings

Talented Tahli & Chelle are an artistic team of 2 sisters, who grew up in Perth, WA enjoying the beach going lifestyle that comes from living on the coast. As children their artistic talent was noticed, however both studied and worked in the corporate world for many years before they took this talent more seriously. Their paintings are inspirational and many capture the wave form forever chased after by surfer’s – the perfect barrel and the feeling that comes with riding inside it.

Artist Profile

Tahli & Chelle are a sister collaboration who originate from Perth, Western Australia, growing up by the West’s spectacular coastline. Having the warm waters of the beautiful Indian Ocean as our playground, we developed from early childhood a fascination & love of everything liquid. From the tubes & barrels of a favorite wave or break, to diving into the tranquil waters of an aqua marine lagoon or reef.

It became natural as children to express the feeling of water in art. As adults we are still ever inspired by the changing mood, colour, lightplay, & fluidity of water.

After moving to the coast of Sydney, we began to paint our impression & the feeling of surfing a perfect wave, or dipping into the endless beauty of the Indian Ocean. The water on the East Coast has a different mood & colour of various shades of cobalt.

There is never ending inspiration from our travels on the worlds largest island.
Many coastal dwellers Australia wide share our passion for the beauty of the sea. They are moved by our impression in our art to remember their last great wave, or dip into their favourite beach.

We have sold privately to clients with beach homes & corporate offices.

Currently we are exhibited at:
The Lodge (Rottnest Island WA)
Bombora (Lennox Head- Byron Bay NSW)

Represented by:
JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, Western Australia.   

TAHLI & CHELLE – Up Close and Personal

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