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Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler – Artist – Paintings

Australian Artist Andrew Tischler enjoys a thriving art career in his chosen field of realism painting, capturing the magnificence of some of the world’s most harsh, beautiful and imposing landscapes such as the Kimberley, Pilbara, Murray River Region, Great Ocean Rd, Flinders Ranges and the USA. With a sell out show while still studying his Fine Arts Degree at Curtin WA in 2002, Andrew Tischler has been painting full time since he was 21, immersing himself in nature and travel with a mission to paint the landscapes of the world and to celebrate the creatures and people that inhabit them.

Andrew Tischler – Artist Profile

The son of artists, Andrew Tischler was born in Texas in 1983. His father, Tom, nurtured Tischler’s love for nature and his artistic talent from a young age. Tom Tischler is an internationally distinguished wildlife sculptor working in bronze. Growing up,   Tischler developed an intense interest in the beautiful and unique landscapes, flora and fauna of Western Australia, having moved there when he was ten. Since then, he has made a concerted effort to travel as much as possible to explore the amazing diversity the world has to offer. 

Andrew Tischler paints the iconic landscapes, wildlife and people of the world. His works are held in many private collections across Australia and overseas.

Tischler is passionate about the environment, and strives to immerse himself in nature. While often focussing on the majestic beauty and diverse landscapes of WA, he has also celebrated through art, locations in Queensland, the Pilbara, the Murray River Region, the Great Ocean Road and the Flinders Ranges. In 2009 he travelled to the USA and documented and explored the Grand Canyon, Utah, Monument valley and on into Zion, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. In recent years he has returned to New Zealand several times, where he lived from the ages to 6 to 10. There he travelled the North and South Islands, painting, photographing and sketching. Every new experience inspires him to express the world’s harsh, beautiful and diverse landscapes on canvas.

Although Tischler’s work has been predominantly landscape, he has delved into portraiture, striving to capture the elusive spirit of those who sit for him.

“I am trying to capture something in the essence of the person, and set up a dynamic between the painted subject and the viewer. There is a conversation between the two without words being exchanged.”

Tischler hosted his first solo exhibition ‘High Tide’ at Heathcote Cultural Centre in 2002, before he completed his bachelor degree in fine arts at Curtin University in 2003. The two day show was sold out before it closed. Andrew’s works rapidly increased in popularity and value. By the time he was 21 he was earning a living painting full time. Tischler has appeared in several group exhibitions and held four solo exhibitions. These events are rare as Tischler’s work is generally sold as soon as it is painted. However, he celebrated the ten year anniversary of his first solo show with a retrospective in 2012. Many of the pieces were borrowed back from avid collectors. Today he paints almost exclusively by commission.

Tischler also shares his passion for nature’s beauty by teaching painting techniques to enthusiastic students. Students have responded well to Tischler’s unique teaching style, and have enjoyed learning some “secret” tricks, developed over years of research and diligent practise.

“I just love to talk about painting and help others achieve success in their creative endeavours. It’s a truly rewarding experience sharing my knowledge and techniques.”

Tischler now lives on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria with his wife, Rachel.  As thrashing seas and dramatic light inspire him, he has found a home that will provide many years of creative inspiration. His work is heart-felt, a celebration of sublime natural beauty. Thus he feels a strong personal attachment to every work.

“I pour myself into everything I do. I believe in being totally invested in the process. I don’t see any sense in going about painting half-hearted. It takes my total commitment and engagement.”

The end result of the finished painting often places the viewer in the same positions of awe and wonderment that Tischler originally experienced.

“I am passionately obsessive about painting.  My life’s mission is to paint the landscapes of the world, and to celebrate the creatures and people that inhabit them.”

ANDREW TISCHLER –  Up Close and Personal

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