DI TAYLOR – exhibition January 2012

Dog Beach 122 X 122cm

“Back To The Ocean We Go”

opening Friday 20th January 2012 at 10am

Meet Di Taylor in the gallery from 2pm-5pm

All welcome to attend

Di Taylor makes regular trips to Prevelly to gather inspiration for her paintings .
When here Di loves to swim daily in the wonderful ocean which is the source of inspiration for many of her works in this exhibition.

All paintings are for sale on receipt of this invitation

“These paintings are a tribute to the ocean, to Gnarabup and to Prevelly, places dear to my heart that have been so damaged by the recent fires. Looking from under the pristine, clear water of the Gnarabup Bay where I swim, back at the escarpment of the ‘Surfer’s Point’ I find I can see the fire damage through the water. In an effort to understand the transient element of the fire, it is amazing that what seemed so devastated, is already starting to regrow. We can all return to the ocean, the blue, blue clear water that has not changed and it provides a refuge for all and a place for us to heal”. Di Taylor January 2012

Gallery of Exhibition Paintings

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