9′ Solid Jarrah Gun Surfboard



After discussing the possibility for some time, Jim Banks and Gary Bennett got together to create the first ever Banks surfboard design using entirely timber as the medium.

Jim travelled from Byron to stay with Gary and his family at his home studio in Margaret River for 2 weeks while they completed this beautiful board.

They decided rather than worry about weight and make it surfable they would instead create an art piece that will surely become a piece of surfing history.

The Jarrah which was carefully selected for it’s colour, grain and history, has been recycled from the York/Greenhills rail bridge that was constructed in 1908. The size and nature of the beams it has been carved from would indicate the trees they were cut from were around 600 years old making the board around 700 years old! This means that the tree that it came from started it’s life some 500 years before English settlement!! Imagine if it could talk! This timber is the last in existence after a fire swept through the JahRoc workshop in 2011 wiping out any remaining jarrah from the York/Greenhills rail bridge.

The 2 central sections were chambered to reduce the finished weight a little. Gary made the blank using the recycled Jarrah and Sheoak for stringers. He also made the fins using laminated Sheoak and Jarrah so they could be press fitted to the bottom and removed for transport. Jim shaped the board using a hand plane. Gary was awestruck with Jims hand skills in doing this. His precision was unbelievable and sand paper was only used to get the smallest plane marks out.

This unique wooden surfboard is a collectable art piece. With the historic value of the solid Jarrah timber combined with the legend design of Jim Banks and craftsmanship of JahRoc Furniture, this board has the absolute provenance of being the first wooden board ever made by Banks.

Materials: Jarrah from the York/Greenhills rail bridge & Sheoak timber.
Size: 9ft.

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