Designer Cello Stand wiith Music Holder – In The Making

Every now and again Gary gets thrown a curly one that takes him on a real artistic journey of discovery. Having previously designed and made some creative guitar stands, this Cello Stand was not too far removed, but the customer brief was to make it double as a music book holder as well and not to mention that the Cello to rest here was of very high value.

Like all new designs where balance is of high importance, there is much deliberation, testing, and adjusting to be done. For this reason a plywood mock has to be created as new designs like this one need to be re-made and adjusted several times. Rather than risk wasting beautiful precious timber cheap plywood is used. It was a loooong process with this design !!

The end design is in tune with the Cello design itself which sits in harmony in its cradle. Gary used some very special pieces of Ebony which he has had for about 30 years to highlight the colours of the Cello, and to resonate with music itself (think Ebony and Ivory).

The finished design is a functioning masterpiece!.

Enjoy a few In The Making photos below and the finished design.

Formulating ideas and getting the angles right….

Creating patterns, laminating timber, creating shape…

Many, many more hours, here is the finished piece…

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