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Daniel Fisher Medieval Owl Sculpture Face Detail

You will be left in awe when you see the incredible sculptures made by multi-talented Artist Daniel Fisher. A South West resident, Daniel Fisher is paving his way towards a very successful career in the sculptural art world, with viewers of his work captivated by the incredible presence his pieces emanate. Daniel Fisher is continually experimenting with new mediums and materials, and his creative mind keeps his work fresh and alive… never know what he might dream up next!!

Enjoy reading this Q&A and find out more about Daniel Fisher and the inspiration behind his sculptures.

Getting to know….Daniel Fisher

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic and realise you had talent?

I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life and it was about 15 years ago in my early twenties that I realized I could get paid for what I love to do. I was living in N.S.W. on the central coast and got hooked into the world of airbrushing, an elusive and somewhat secretive medium before the days of internet. I did murals and custom cars, bikes, helmets and painted on anything and everything and that was where it really began for me.

Where did you learn your art?

I’m a self taught artist and have dedicated my life to learning all I can, I feel the seven years I spent working as a Tattoo Artist in Margaret River is where I have learned a great deal, it’s like doing high pressure art commissions everyday with no room for error, if that doesn’t shape you in some way I’m not sure what would! The rest is trial and error, reading and some other artists that have shared information with me along the way.

What inspires you the most?

Nature, I know we artists all say it but nature is the hub for me, I hike, camp, surf and generally slow down and observe nature, this paired with being in touch with my inner feelings, moods, emotions, colour and things I finds interesting all get melted down and are expressed into my art works.

What message are you sending to the viewer of you art?

I believe art is in the eye of the beholder, my experience is viewers form strong connections with my works and when they relay them back to me they’re often completely different to previous comments and my own, yet make perfect sense and fit. I often have strong symbolic elements that can be interpreted in many ways and often make references to my favorite artists of the past. I like to amaze viewers, show them something they have never seen, something that inspires them in their own journeys. On the more serious side, environmental issues, mans interference with genetics, mans evolution (or lack there of) biomechanics and the way civilization merges, overlaps or impedes on nature are messages never to far from view.

Describe your studio…

A work of art! People seem to be impressed when they see it, I am often a little shy to show it as I pride myself on being organized and clutter free yet the very nature of my work and predominantly using reclaimed materials means I have to collect stuff! I guess very organized chaos would be a fair comment, the perimeters of my shed house rows of shelving with driftwood stacked to the roof, sewing machines, porcelain dolls, mannequins, scrap metal pieces of every kind, car parts, piles and piles of bones, boxes of leather and material, beads, dried animal parts, seed pods and an array or organic matter, wires and cables and of coarse thousands and thousands of cutlery pieces.

Describe your typical day of creating art…

It always starts with my green smoothie! I start around 7am and work until it starts to get dark then I stop and switch off from art, this is important for me because to produce art day in day out requires a lot of discipline and energy, many factors have to come together to maintain balance and stay productive without burning out physically and creatively.

I like to have all the things that can cause distractions completed if possible and I will go quite deep into an almost meditative state where my working day flows and is over in the blink of an eye. As for the process I often have goals set for the day and sculptures are often broken into sections so for example I might spend a day just focusing on the feet of an owl and other days might be spent focusing on the wings etc. but even this process can change drastically from piece to piece. Some days I potter about exploring my junk pile as I gather enough components to start a new sculpture.

What mediums do you use and why?

I like to try everything, mild steel at present is my preferred medium, and I love working with stainless steel cutlery. In the beginning money constraints would notably have been what first lead me into using recycled materials as my main sculpting medium but I wouldn’t have that overshadow the benefits of starting a sculpture with an item that often already has sculptural form and the fun of balancing and making a piece of steel made for a car work perfectly as a pelvis bone of some animals or making a giant spider from your household table spoons!

Now days it’s near impossible to salvage from local tips and if I can’t find the recycled pieces I’m after then I set about fabricating them myself, and it’s nice to have a mix of both elements to show my skills for working new and recycled materials. I love colour and how it can elevate an artwork into something that might normally be overlooked into something mind-blowing.

What are you working on now?

Oh it’s top secret and you know what they say, if I told you I’d have to…

I’m currently developing some large scale interactive acoustic sculptures, utilizing, sound, vibrations, frequencies and the effects these can have on us, I hope I haven’t given away to much ha!

What do you love most about what you do?

I just love that I’m doing what I feel I came here to do and the peace and fulfillment that arises from being true to yourself and following ones dreams.

Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

Doing something artistically totally different to what I am doing now so much in fact that the current me couldn’t even comprehend.

Daniel Fisher Studio Shots

Daniel Fisher – Artist Profile

Multi-talented artist Daniel Fisher works in many mediums to create incredible artworks. He is based in Western Australia and is a self taught artist who worked as a tattoo artist for 7 years, and has successfully dabbled in drawing and painting, digital art & design, film & music production and photography. Daniel Fisher’s sculptures are inspired by nature and are made using a variety of reclaimed materials which have been manipulated and pieced together creating awesome and unique artworks.

Artist Biography

Daniel Fisher is an artist sculptor and painter residing in Busselton W.A.

“I strive to produces dynamic works rich in detail and texture. I aim to make my art exciting and finished to a high standard. I often explore themes such as environmental issues, biomechanics, mans interference with genetics and the way civilization overlaps and often impedes on nature.

I use an array of organic, recycled and new materials to create my art and like to blur the line where new meets old and organic materials such as bones and plant matter blend back into steel to form often seamless transitions. I also like to disguise everyday items and challenge peoples perceptions, things aren’t always what they appear to be” Daniel Fisher

I just love that I’m doing what I feel I came here to do and the peace and fulfilment that arises from being true to yourself and following ones dreams.

Working Process

My working process is rapidly evolving and expanding as I grow as an artist both technically and spiritually.

It’s often a battle of ideas all crying out to be made. In the past I’ve mostly been very spontaneous with my creations and like to just dive straight in, but as time goes on I feel myself more interested in taking time out to plan my works and develop a concept or study a theme to further understand my subject.

Stainless steel cutlery is ever prominent in my sculptures and I spend quite some time going around the south west trying to get my hands on it, some of my sculptures are averaging 100 to 400 items of cutlery at present so that’s lots of hunting. I use a Mig welder to weld the steel and often employ my skills in airbrushing and automotive painting to achieve high end paint finishes using 2pack paint systems, acrylics and or enamels depending on the desired effect.

I generally take a mental image of things I like and that’s all I need to make an artwork, plus I am quite familiar with many of my preferred subjects as I drew a profusion of them in my 7 year career as a tattoo artist.

Deep feelings, emotions, and or color themes are often what initiate new artworks, I then like to work consistently on the artwork until completion.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Exhibitions & Art Awards

2015   Minnawarra Art Awards, Winner Stockland 3D commission Prize

2015   Sculptures by the bay, Dunsborough Foreshore

2014   City of Busselton Art Awards, Art Geo Gallery

2011   The Painted Tree Gallery, Solo Exhibition

2010   Envisions Solo Exhibition, Cinefest Oz feature artist, Art Geo Gallery

2010   Signature Southwest Art Awards, Peoples Choice Award

2010   Minnawarra Art Awards, Highly Commended

2010   Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Solo Exhibition Revelations

2010   Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Showcase Artist

2010   Guest speaker Southwest survey Arts Summit

2010   South West Survey, Exhibition Bunbury Regional Art Galleries


Works held in private collections Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and

New South Wales.

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