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Art Edit 2017 Buying Artwork Advice From Jo Paris

A recent article published in ART EDIT MAGAZINE, Summer 2017 outlines a few key pointers for those delving into purchasing art for the first time. Jo Paris answered a series of questions to collate this article and gives some really helpful tips from her personal experience of purchasing art. She also draws from over 25 years of co-managing JahRoc Galleries and being passionately emerged in the art world.

Have a read of this ART EDIT article below and if you would like to expand on the advice given, please give the gallery a call and ask for Joanne Paris.

JOANNE PARIS – (08) 97587200  /  [email protected]

Jo will be more than happy to help you on your way towards an exciting art purchase. With an incredible eye for interiors, Joanne will be forthcoming with practical and fashionable advice on any furniture, fabrics and art choices.

Download the article as PDF – link below

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Article re-written below


Buying art can be a way to express your personal taste as well as provide a creative output for you to start curating your dream interior space. Joanne Paris, gallery co-manager at JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River provides her advice on the topic of buying art and ways to incorporate art in your home.

She starts by advising new art buyers to “always begin with your passion as a starting point. If you are not drawn instantly to a piece of art it may not stand the test of time for you” she adds. “Paintings can of course be purchased for investment purposes but i prefer personally to make that a secondary consideration”

As a gallery manager, she is a firm supporter of purchasing original artworks for your home. Her most recent painting that she has purchased is by artist Bec Juniper. This work explores ideas of women in the landscape, which Paris found personally intriguing. She explains “If a painting evokes an emotional response, recalls a memory or invites you to explore an idea or viewpoint of interest I find the painting has a lasting intrigue and makes for enjoyment daily”

Over the years having met with artists and seeing their work, she has identified the kind of art that she is drawn to, however reflects that, “it would be from a different perspective for those new to purchasing art. In this case I definitely recommend spending time researching the artist and genre of their work. Also worth of consideration is the quality of the work, sales history of the artist, current prices, your budget and how it will fit in your space.”

Additionally, when asked about the best advice she has received regarding incorporating art in her own home she recommends: “hang your paintings based on our own interiors style and don’t be shy to move them around from time to time. I prefer a flexible hang and also always measure accurately before you start to drill. If possible, choose the least visually obstructive and flexible hanging system and seek advice from a professional art framer.”

She also recommends approaching galleries for advice as they play an important role in providing advice for first time art buyers.

In 2017 JahRoc Galleries will be exhibiting the following artists: Bec Juniper, Larry Mitchell, David Bromley, Janine Daddo and Helen Norton.

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