Bec Juniper – Christmas Exhibition “Personal Cult Of The Land” 27th December 2014

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JahRoc are very excited to represent Perth Artist Bec Juniper, and will be honoured if you join us on Saturday 27th December between 6-8pm for the opening of her upcoming exhibition.

The exhibition will be opened by Duncan Ord who is the newly appointed Director General for the Department of Culture and the Arts.

Join us for a glass of Swings and Roundabouts Wine, and don’t forget to book a table at their famous Taphouse next door for a tasty dinner after the opening.

RSVP is essential as we are expecting a heavy crowd – so please let us know if you are wishing to attend. (08) 97587200 or [email protected]

In this exhibition I’m celebrating the wild and uninhabited land.

These paintings explore the earth, the movement, patterns and textures of flood, the geology of reef and rock, the drought, the wind and the erosion.

I think of the earth as a living thing, animate and feeling, unplanned, scattered and constantly moving.

We’re framed by a powerful nature in Australia; it’s still a wilderness with places people haven’t walked.

In the middle of nowhere one experiences a sense that meaning ends, one tends to feel small in the face of the universe.

I try for a sense of direct connection to the subject in my work by using raw materials to mimic nature’s creation.

Bec Juniper 2014

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Please RSVP for opening night 27th December – 97587200 or [email protected]

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