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ASTRID DAHL "Sunrise Sun Set" Leeuwin Weekend 19th February

ASTRID DAHL “Sunrise Sun Set” Leeuwin Weekend 19th February

You are invited to attend the opening of

“Sunrise Sun Set”

opening Friday night 14th February
Leeuwin Weekend

Astrid Dahl will be present

Wine By:
Swings and Roundabouts

If you are unable to attend the Friday night opening:
Then meet Astrid in the gallery between 12-2pm Saturday 15th


Astrid Dahl Exhibition “nature’s Smiles” Aug 2020

I paint landscapes while making analogies to my personal experiences in living a life. My initial inspiration comes from my observations of the land and nature. (These are now being integrated with the act of travel, having been numerous times to Bali and recently to Tibet.) However, while I am painting, certain thoughts form in my mind connecting landscape images to a more philosophical interpretation.

Therefore, a landscape for me is not merely a landscape but lessons, I have learned, and observations I have formed. I also make passing references to the changing relationships humans form with each other.

We are all part of all living and inert things on this planet. To me, the earth is likened to a human body – living and breathing – with very similar chemical constructs. Therefore painting the landscape is like painting my inner world but with external visual stimuli.

All the paintings are on canvas (either linen or cotton) and I use a variety of mixed media – acrylic paint, plaka, oil paint, acrylic inks, gold paint and gold leaf, texture gel and sometimes found objects”.  Astrid Dahl

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ASTRID DAHL "Sunrise Sun Set" Leeuwin Weekend 19th February
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