Stephanie Reisch¬†paintings for sale. Born in Belgium and based in Perth, Stephanie Reisch is an early career artist who explores mystical and shamanistic precepts through notions of trace and essence. Her work is a fascinating exploration of our conscious responses to art and the unencumbered responses of animals. Seeking to ‘speak to the deeper parts of our awareness’ Stephanie’s abstract paintings often incorporate ground animal bone or tissue which become a constituent part of the paint, allowing the vital spirit of the animal to emanate.
Taking inspiration from the methodology and intentionality of pre-historic cave painters adds a further layer to Stephanie Reisch’s work as she seeks to integrate the past, present and future meanings into her art.

Stephanie Reisch – Up Close & Personal

  • Stephanie Reisch – Myth & Dream

    $3,650.00 Purchase
  • Stephanie Reisch – The Migration

    $3,650.00 Purchase
  • Stephanie Reisch – Tequila My Heart, Ukulele

    $560.00 Purchase
  • Stephanie Reisch – Tidal Army

    $3,650.00 Purchase


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