Rod Laws sculptures for sale. Talented West Australian Sculptor, Rod Laws, is a master at recycling old metal objects and transforming them into an art piece. He is well known for his use of cutlery, either highly polished or blackened. He is inspired by the forms found in nature from the planets and stars to the tiniest of insects.

Rod Laws – Artist Biography

I am intrigued by natures myriad of forms, from planets and stars, to the tiniest of insects. Creating metal sculptures that capture even the smallest amount of magic within nature is my goal.” From my beginnings as a sheet metal worker I have self-taught through playing creatively with metals. For me my art is representing what I love and believe in, whilst containing elements of fun. The environment and its human condition are areas I often ponder – yet rather than getting dark and morbid, I like to get excited and creative.

The charcoal I use to heat and shape comes from the local forests after fires and most of my materials are collected or recycled, this has been known to include our kitchen drawers and the kids toy boxes. My works are dispersed around the world, privately and publicly – hopefully sharing the joy I had in creating it.


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