Ralph Stanton paintings for sale. Originally practicing as a town planner and architect in Western Australia, artist Ralph Stanton has turned his talents to painting. His striking abstract works contain elements of architectural structures. Ralph has been exhibiting regularly since 1996 and his work is represented in collections including King Edward Memorial Hospital and private collections in New York, Tel Aviv, London and Zurich.

Ralph Stanton – Up Close & Personal

Exhibition: “Landscape Yet Not Landscape”  June 2018

Ralph Stanton – Artist Biography

Before turning to art, I practised as an architect and town planner in Western Australia, heading my own firm until 1992. I attended Claremont School of Art, graduating in 1994.

I was born in Melbourne in 1941. I qualified in architecture before living in London, undertaking post-graduate studies. I have travelled widely in Europe, India, Japan, the Middle East, North and South America. I have been married since 1965 and have two adult children.

Since 2004 I have worked from a house and studio in Perth’s “Northbridge” area.
I have exhibited regularly since 1996.

I seek to evoke feeling, space and atmosphere, with no particular “story” or message. More a “landscape of the mind”, often strong in mood; contemplative pieces to be taken in at leisure, in different lights. I imagine it somewhat as music, speaking directly to the viewer, suggesting an often unnamed emotional state.

I am interested in expressing something of an inner light or emotional space, not personal, but non-objective and universal. My work is non-representational. It is “abstract” but is not an abstraction of any prior image; it is an attempt to capture meaning and beauty within the framework of a canvas – a timeless moment of recognition reflecting emotion and the sublime, a sort of search for order within a generally chaotic world.

I work with the interplay of surface and subsurface. I tend to work intuitively, with no initial plan other than a general approach and direction, allowing the work to evolve. I work with light, space and colour – and Perth and the West Coast generally, with its clear light and broad horizons has up until now been an absorbing source and inspiration.

With a recent installation, I attempt to express these ideas in 3D. Inside a darkened space, the work takes the form of a large jet-black cube, seemingly floating on a plinth of immaterial LED light slowly ranging through a full spectrum of colour. The viewer is invited to sit and quietly contemplate, perhaps to reflect upon his or her own “inner light”   and to enjoy the experience.
Collections Public
King Edward Memorial Hospital
Claremont Medical Centre
Maurice Zeffert Memorial Home
Collections Private
Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, London, Zurich, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Nelson NZ
Professional Associations
Artists Foundation of Western Australia
Royal Australian Institute of Architects
Planning Institute of Australia
Professional Qualifications
Diploma of Art & Design (Fine Art) Claremont School of Art (WA) 1994
Diploma of Town Planning (University of London) 1969
Bachelor of Architecture (University of Melbourne) 1964
1993 – Claremont School of Art
1994 – Albany Art Prize Exhibition
1994 – Allegretta Studios Gallery
1995 – Allegretta Studios Gallery
1996 – Moores Building Gallery
1996 – Inside Out Design (solo)
1997 – PS Studios Gallery
1997 – Moores Building Gallery
1997 – Salec Minc Exhibition
1998 – Old Mill Gallery, York (solo)
1998 – Gadfly Gallery (solo)
1999 – Festival of Perth Art Fair
1999 – Salec Minc Exhibition
1999 – Gadfly Gallery (solo)
2000 – Vzualvibes Online Gallery
2001 – Gadfly Gallery
2001 – Festival of Perth (Gadfly Gallery)
2001 – Salec Minc Exhibition
2001 – Hale School Exhibition
2002 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
2002 – Hale School Exhibition
2003 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
2003 – Hale School Exhibition
2004 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
2004 – Hale School Exhibition
2005 – Several commercial exhibitions
2006 – Gadfly Gallery (with Chubby Button)
2006 – Minawarra Exhibition
2006 – Elements Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)
2006 – “Artitude” Exhibition at PCEC
2006 – Cossack Awards (Shire of Roebourne)
2006 – Hale School Exhibition
2006 – Mahoneys Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)
2007 – Elements Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)2007 – Hale School Exhibition
2007 – “Artitude” Exhibition, Burswood
2009 – Gadfly Gallery Exhibition
2010 – Several local government and community exhibitions.
2014 – “Dark Light” installation using LED light forms- at PSAS Fremantle, (with Geoff   Wake, Tom Muller and Horst Kornberger)
2016 – “3degrees@139” private exhibition in Birchgrove,  NSW
2016 –  Harrop & Co Nedlands WA
2016 – Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown Sydney NSW
2017 – Square One Studios group exhibition
2017 – “Chaos or Control” at Stella Downer Fine Art with Sq1 Studios
New Residence and Studio at 28 Church Street Perth: – In collaboration with Nash & Ghersenich Architects–
RAIA Residential Award Commendation 2005
Town of Vincent – Residential Design Award 2005

  • Ralph Stanton – Western Gold I

  • Ralph Stanton – Harbour Sand

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