Jane Pestell-Litten paintings for sale. Artist Jane Pestell-Litten’s paintings reflect her inquisitive and light hearted approach to life. Many years of working from her Perth studio have seen Jane create vibrant figurative paintings that often depict the cultural life of Western Australia. Jane regularly holds exhibitions and her work is represented in collections both in Australia and overseas.

Jane Pestell-Litten – Up Close And Personal

Jane Pestell-Litten – Artist Biography

Jane Pestell-Litten is a West Australian artist who works primarily in the traditional mediums of charcoal, watercolour and oils. Jane’s work is exclusively figurative (whole and portrait). Her charcoals are large and lively, strong in line and style, often incorporating watercolour.

Jane Pestell-Litten is driven to capture the brilliance of the West Australian light and paints in the style of Realist/Photorealist movement. Her oils depict the actuality of what the eye can see, yet allows for subject ambiguity to enable individual interpretation. Over the years, Jane has studied and worked with a collective of well-known West Australian artists such as Christopher Spaven, Brian Simmonds, Marous Beilby, Drewfus Gates etc. Her work is held in numerous private collections.

Jane’s exploration of the rendering of everyday characters, situations, and dilemmas of commonplace themes aims to encourage us to reflect on the beauty of those otherwise overlooked “ordinary” moments that are the threads of our lives.
Figurative realism
1989     MDIA, Design Institute of Australia

1987     Cert Int Des, Leederville TAFE

1983     BA Eng Arch, UWA
2007     Second prize Northam Art Prize, Northam, Western Australia
2008     A matter of Perspective, Perth, Australia (solo)

2007    Northam Art Competition, Northam Western Australia (group)

2007     Melville Art Competition, Melville, Perth Australia (group)

2007     Town of Vincent Competition, Leederville, Perth Australia (group)

2007     Collegians Art Exhibition, Methodist Ladies College, Perth (group)

2007     Sketchpo, Perth Australia (group)

2007     Artopia, Perth Australia (group)
Recent Publications:
2008     A Matter of Perspective, Time Out, ‘The Post’ newspaper, 2nd August
2008     Methodist Ladies College – portrait commission

2008     Private Collection – Washington DC

2008     Private collections – various,local

2007     Private Collection – Ottawa,Canada

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