David Giles paintings for sale. David Giles’ atmospheric paintings are an exploration of the mystical and spiritual journey that moves through him whilst in the creative process of making art. “I approach painting with a sense of letting go and allowing my mind to go deeper, feeling my way through to that point when the painting becomes separate from me and can speak for itself”. The resulting paintings radiate a sense of light, hope, serenity and spirituality.

David Giles is a multi award winning artist and has exhibited in New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout WA. His artistic career spans over 20 years, he has worked in the field of art therapy, and holds regular art workshops with many of his students going on to become successful artists.

David Giles - Artist Biography

David Giles is a multi-award winning artist with 20 art awards and more than 50 solo exhibitions to his name. He has exhibited in New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout WA. He has featured in numerous art and interior design magazines and books including Australian Art Collector, Custom Build and International Contemporary Masters.

David Giles has published four books of his poetry and numerous books about his art. He has worked as an arts worker in the fields of mental health, disability and justice and tutored for many years in psychology, sociology and philosophy at Murdoch University. He is the owner of two art galleries in Fremantle, The David Giles Art Gallery, representing twenty WA artists and Studio Eleven which hosts seven permanent artists in residence. David Giles has been facilitating art workshops for more than twenty years through his Freedom School of Painting. More than five hundred people have participated over the years with many going on to become multi-award winning artists.

David Giles has also been curator of numerous exhibitions including many Art Awards and worked as an arts consultant for the City of Fremantle and the City of Albany. He has served as an Art WA grants panellist for the WA Government and as Director and Board Member of Victoria Park Centre for the Arts.
Artist Statement
“My paintings are an exploration and expression of the mystical and spiritual.
This is an age old preoccupation of artists and one that has not lost its potency in the contempoary age. I hope that when people look upon my work they are drawn into a space of profound and moving contemplation, a space that leads them into a sense of a deeper reality beneath the everyday appearance of things. A reality which provides solace, refuge and a place of tranquil meditation away from the banal and ordinary.
For me the process of painting is itself a mystical process. I approach painting with a sense of letting go and allowing, watching the process unfold as though I am merely a channel for creative forces. The journey to resolution is for me like an inner, spiritual journey as my mind goes deeper into letting go, feeling my way intuitively through to that point when the painting becomes separate from me. Then I say the painting speaks for itself.
Through this process of letting go and allowing I am immersed in a spiritual reality of pure essence, innocence and infinite possibilities. Allowing creativity, the act of art making, to happen through me, I lose myself completely, letting go, in order to find my true, transpersonal, deep ecological self”.
Art Awards, Grants, Residencies
2009 ArtsWA Arts Development Grant $27,000
2008 Artist in Residence, Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance WA
2008 Country Arts WA Grant, Cannery Residency, $2,000
2007 Artist in Residence, Freight Gallery, Fremantle
2005 1st Prize Acrylic Painting, Melville Art Awards
2005 High Commendation Award, Cossack Art Awards
2004 John Collis Prize for Abstract Painting, Cossack Art Awards
2004 Artist in Residence, Packenham St Studios, Fremantle
2003 Artist in Residence, Naragebup Environment Centre
2003 ArtsWA Residency Grant, Naragebup Residency, $2,500
2003 West Australian Local Government Association Innovation Award,
2003 High Commendation Cossack Art Awards
2001 John Collis Prize for Abstract Painting, Cossack Art Awards
2001 High Commendation Award, Leonora Art Awards
2000 Regional Award, WA Fringe Festival
2000 1st Prize 2D Award, Leonora Art Awards
2000 1st Prize Mixed Media, Gascoyne Art Awards
2000 Overall Runner Up, Gascoyne Art Awards
2000 High Commendation, Gascoyne Art Awards
2000 2nd Prize Oils/ Acrylic, Newdegate,
2000 High Commendation Award, City of Gosnells
1998 High Commendation Award, Cossack Art Awards
1998 1st Prize, Pilbara Photographic Awards
Solo Exhibitions
2009 Windows Heathcote Art Studios, Applecross
2009 Harbour Heathcote Art Studios, Applecross
2009 Mystic Waters Heathcote Art Studios, Applecross
2009 Tranquil Waters Mia Cafe, Perth
2009 Perspectives Exomod, Barrack St, Perth
2008 Drinking the Sweetness Elements Gallery, Subiaco
2008 Hestia Heathcote Art Studios, Applecross
2008 The Angel Paintings Heathcote Art Studios, Applecross
2007 Deep Waters Freight Gallery, East Fremantle
2006 Moments The WA Club, Perth
2006 Self Revelation Sheraton Hotel, Perth
2006 Primordial Gallery 307, Mosman, Sydney
2006 Beneath the Surface Gallery 101, The WA Club, Perth
2006 Self Expression Royal George Gallery, East Fremantle
2006 Colour Meditations Monart Gallery, Dalkeith
2005 Spiritual Reflections Monet Gallery, South Guildford
2005 Suspend Old Bakery on 8th, Maylands
2004 Histories and Mysteries Code Red, Claremont
2003 The Fifth Dimension Kings Art Café, Perth
2003 Art and Community Art Dorothy Liley Gallery, Rockingham
2002 Journeys Hawthorn Gallery, Mt Hawthorn
2002 Full Circle Moores Building, Fremantle
2001 Cosmos Ecologie Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith
2001 Middleton Beach The Esplanade Hotel, Albany
2000 Albany Sea Changes Albany Town Hall, Albany
2000 The Artists Dreaming Chameleon Gallery, Albany
1999 Landscape and Identity Venice Restaurant, Albany
1999 Shades of Green Albany Town Hall, Albany
1994 Shamanic Journeys HEartspace, Fremantle
Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 Destinazione Oz Land Momentous Arts, Singapore
2009 Catching the Sun Intercontinetal Hotel, Burswood
2008 Colours of Life Moores Buiilding, Fremantle
2007 David Giles and Jim Duddles Elements Gallery, Subiaco
2006 McKay Milunovic and Giles Elements Gallery, Subiaco
2006 Ebb and Flow Gallery 360, Applecross
2006 Navigating Wellbeing Perth Convention Centre
2005 New Offerings Hues Gallery, Sydney
2005 Art Sydney05 Royal Hall of Industries,Sydney
2005 Melbourne Art Show Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
2004 Elemental Abstraction Agora Gallery, New York
2004 Vast Span Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Artsay Artspeak Gallery 274, Perth
2002 Recycled Sculpture Exhibition Dorothy Liley Gallery, Rockingham
2001 Self Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany
2001 Windows on Albany Albany CBD
2000 The Feast Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany
2000 Albany Art Works Albany Town Hall, Albany
1999 To be an Artist Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany
1996 Beyond the Edge Albany Town Hall, Albany
1995 The Edge Albany Town Hall, Albany

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