Anthony Breslin Artist

Anthony Breslin Once Upon A Time In My Heart Part 2

Anthony Breslin is one of Australia’s most original, unique, eclectic, and evocative artists. Working from his Melbourne studio, he has managed an artistic career that has included production design for Theatre, Television, Film and Music Videos, as well as the creation of his own public theatrical installations and mesmerising events. Breslin’s passion, however, is painting and this he has done with much success as the freshness and diversity of his works have seen him achieve a cult like status with sell out exhibitions around Australia and shows in Europe, UK and Asia. Darts, pencil sharpeners, train tracks, balls, toothpaste tubes, jigsaw pieces, and a myriad of other objects simultaneously meld together and leap out from Breslin’s canvases demanding immediate attention. Whether it is the fantasy world he creates in the bazaar landscapes of his “abstracts” or the unnerving introspection of his heads and figures or even the cheeky playfulness he captures in his bugs and frogs, there is always something more than enough in his compositions to inspire, provoke, challenge and delight everyone from young children to serious art aficionados.

Artist Statement

“My work aims to be a form of dazzling, seductive, theatre of the absurd, with an infinite array of possibilities pertaining to both what it is and what it can be. I am inspired by everything from the absurd-ist plays of Eugene Ionesco to tribal masks, rock pools, colour philosophy, found objects, topography, land & underwater seascapes, and the intense beauty of a life lived with the finite conditions of mortality. Great evocative theatre can be an experience that encapsulates the senses and seizes the heart and this is a goal I set out to achieve with both my painting/drawing work and my own performance/productions. My story telling is intended to inspire story making within the imagination of the viewer.

With my painting/drawing work I want to engage and seduce my audience physically so as they want to touch the work or at least to examine the surface closely through sheer curiosity. I want the works to remain mysterious and enchanting to the viewer from both a distance and close inspection. So through seduction and curiosity I aim to beckon the viewer forward.

And through “theatre-scape” I aim to push the viewer back so as they can experience the work in its totality. Life is far from a literal experience for me so my work is about questions/inquiry not solutions, it wants to provoke imagination and possibility not provide it.

The surfaces on these works are very tactile as they are often laden with an array of found trinkets (zips, beads, carpet, spectacles, wallpaper, wood, broken glass, toy pieces, and an infinite array of other objects that now have a new context to live in. Often they are painted and presented amidst an array of coloured paint pools, globules, dots, dashes and shapes that now make up new theatrical worlds full of new characters to be reckoned with.

My own theatrical productions are a natural extension of this idea. Physically the objects just become larger, instead of beads I use people instead of wooden pieces I use car tyres either way the context may change but the “objects” still serve my “theatre-scapes” weather they are static or moving.

Naturally these productions are driven by a different form of storytelling as I use acting, dance, mime, live painting, projection, music, and multimedia to communicate my thoughts on the importance of cross cultural/ethnic unity, and environmental and social responsibility. My productions plots also revolve around my belief in the beauty of human struggle and my faith in spiritual/personal transcendence through this struggle.”

Curriculum Vitae

Gallery Representation


  • TVH Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
  • Green-Wood Gallery, South Melbourne, Victoria
  • Gullotti Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
  • JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, Western Australia
  • Gallery Beneath, Mooloolaba QLD, Australia.


  • Le Siants Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Le Siants Galerie, Barcelona, Spain
  • Galerie Mark & Boris AG Aegertenstrasse 22 Bern, Switzerland.


  • “Frantic Bloom” 250 page book, published by Melbourne books dec 2010.
  • Rosenstiel’s art printers 33-35 Markham Street London, SW3 3NR United Kingdom
  • Bridgeman Art Library International 65 East 93rd Street New York NY 10128 United States


  • 1999     Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • 1997     American Art lecture series, RMIT, New York, USA
  • 1995     Workshops in Shona Sculpture, Stone Heritage Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • 1993     Performing Shakespeare, Beverley Philips Tuition, Melbourne
  • 1992     Acting for Camera, Armstrong Production, Melbourne
  • 1992     Design, Performance, Music, Oxford Children’s Theatre, Box Hill
  • 1985     T.O.P Art & Design, Huntingdale Technical College


  • 2007     Oct-Jan 08 Point b studios Williamsburg, New York

Solo exhibitions

  • 2011     Jun –  “Frantic Bloom” exhib & book launch, Murano & Gullotti gallery, Perth, Aust.
  • 2010     Jan –  “199 portraits of fruit & vegetables” perm. Show, Balaclava fruit centre, St-Kilda, Melb, Aust.
  • Dec –  “Frantic Bloom” book launch & event. Greenwood gallery, South Melb, Aust.
  • 2009     Dec –  “Evolution of the head” survey show Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston.
  • Nov –  “Special Collection” exhib. and wine label launch “The Bank” Yarraville Melb. Aust.
  • Nov  –  “Figurescope” QV.1 Building lobby, Perth with Paul Gullotti
  • Aug  –  “The beginning of the end of something new” Greenwood gallery, Melb. Aust.
  • 2008     Nov  –  “Anthony Breslin in Switzerland” UBS Bubenbergplatz Bern Switzerland
  • May  –  “Anthony Breslin at Art Brisbane” Brisbane convention centre. Qld. Aust.
  • Apr –  “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne” Exhibiton buildings, Melb Aust.
  • 2007     Aug –  “Anthony Breslin returns” – Solo show at Art gallery collections, Qld, Aust.
  • Jun  –  “I miss the Lighthouse too!” Delshan Gallery, Armadale, Melb. Aust.
  • Apr –  “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne”, Art Gallery collections stand. Exhib Build. Melb.
  • Mar –  “Anthony Breslin” Trevor Victor Harvey Fine Art, Seaforth Sydney.
  • 2006     Nov –  “Trybe” the exhibition! Victoria Gallery, Docklands, Melb. Aust.
  • Oct –  “Anthony Breslin at Manyung”, Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Vic. Aust.
  • Jun –  “Anthony Breslin Exclusive exhibition”, Art Gallery Collections Coll. Surfers P. QLD.
  • Apr –  “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne” featured by Art Gallery Coll, Gold Coast, Aust.
  • Mar –  “Anthony Breslin” Trevor Victor Harvey fine art, Seaforth, Sydney.
  • Jan –  “Art for Everyone, life for all” A live exhibition, Myers Bourke St windows, Melb.
  • 2005     Nov –  “Operatica” The new Gullotti Gallery Perth, W.A.
  • Nov –  “Anthony Breslin at the Brisbane art fair” solo with Art Gallery col. Qld.
  • Sep –  “New Works” Gallery Ten Eleven, Armadale, Melbourne.
  • Aug –  Featured at “Art Sydney” by Art Gallery Collections-Gold Coast.
  • Jul –  “Eclectica P1” Le Siants Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Jul –  “Eclectica P2” Le Siants Galerie, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Apr –  “Anthony Breslin at the Affordable Art Fair” Melb. Exhib. Buildings.
  • Feb –  “The Bug Series” St-Kilda Writers Festival, St-Kilda Town hall, Melb.
  • Feb –  “Troubadour” Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.
  • 2004     Oct –  “Frantic Bloom 2” Zurich International Art Fair, Switzerland.
  • Oct –  “Frantic Bloom” Gallery TenEleven, Armadale, Melbourne.
  • Apr –  “Pablo” Yarra sculpture gallery, Abbotsford. Melbourne.
  • Apr –  “Anthony Breslin at the Affordable Art Fair” Melbourne Exhibition buildings.
  • Apr –  “A Night and Day In Orbit” Rushcutters Bay Gallery. Sydney.
  • Mar –  “Urban Snatch” Melbourne Design Fashion Incubator-Fashion Festival. Melb.
  • 2003     Nov –  “Frogs” Exhibition of frog paintings. Melbourne Zoo, Aust.
  • Jun –  “Conglomeration” Elliot”s hair studio, Toorak, Melb.
  • 2002     Nov –  “Conversations” Gallery 5-opt Princess Terrace, Hong Kong.
  • Sep – “Imaginary Friends” The Patrizia Autore Gallery, St Kilda, Melb.
  • Jun –  “Collection” An Exhibition at Elliots, Toorak, Melb.
  • Feb – “Juxtapositions” The Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melb.
  • 2001     May – “The Pretty Pouting of Peruvian Purse fish” Artefacts Inter., Melb.
  • Feb – “The Journey of my Jellyfish” Bulle Gallery, Flinders St. Melb.
  • 1999     Aug –  Clive Potter: POET! “A Theatrical Installation” Theatreworks, St Kilda
  • 1998     Jun – “To be or not to be in 2D”, The Lounge, Melbourne
  • Apr –  “Beyond The Inadequate Word in Vivid Colour”, Wax Studios, Richmond, Melb.

Self devised (written, directed, performed) theatrical performances

  • 2010     Feb –  “Interact” perf/installation summer concert series, Fairfield amp theatre, Melb.
  • Jan –  “Live perf- tribal masks” Aust. Day concert, Federation Sq
  • 2009     Dec –  “live Painting” closing ceremony, Parliament of world religions, Melb. Convention centre.
  • Nov –  “The art of Football” Installation/perf with Geelong Christian college 6 week project. – Arts Vic.
  • 2008     Nov –  “Trybe” Signature of M art prize gala night, Central Pier Venue, Docklands Melbourne.
  • Oct –  “Live interactive painting” Conscientia Festival, Salt Lake city United States.
  • Jun –  “Melb. is unforgettable” painted celebs for charity,Myer windows, Bourke St. Melb. Aust.
  • 2007     Jun –  “Trybe” DVD launch night and installation, Green-Wood Gallery, Sth Melb
  • 2006     Nov –  “Trybe” An Opera in Paint, 4 shows, Docklands promenade, Melb.
  • Jan –  “Art for everyone, Life for all” 3 window installation-one week, Myers windows, Bourke St.
  • 2003     Oct –  “Brezania” Fantasy world for T.L.C- Number 12 Kensington. Melb. Aust.
  • 1999     Aug –  “Clive Potter: Poet!” Infinite Blue Prod. 3 week season, Theatreworks, Melb. Aust.
  • 1998     Mar –  “Beyond the inadequate word in vivid color” Wax studios/theatre Richmond, Melb.

Group Shows

  • 2012     Jan –  “Long hot summer”, Traffic jam gallery, Sydney, Aust
  • 2011      Jul –  “Spectacle & Observer”, Traffic jam gallery, Sydney, Aust.
  • May –  “Subjectivity”, Gallery 577 Brunswick St Fitzroy North, Melb. Aust.
  • Apr –  Art Melbourne, Melb, Exhib. Build. With Murano & Gullotti gallery Perth.
  • 2010     Apr –  Art Melbourne, Melb. Exhib. Build. With Joshua Michael Gallery
  • Apr –  Art Melbourne, Melb. Exhib. Build. With Greenwood gallery
  • 2009     Sep –  “selected artists” Manyung gallery, Mt Eliza, Vic, Aust.
  • Oct –  Art Sydney, Fox studios, Sydney, with Greenwood gallery.
  • Jun –  “The hidden faces of the Archibald” Smartartz Gallery, Melb. Aust.
  • Apr –  “Art Melbourne” Exhibition buildings Carlton, Art Brez studios stand.
  • Mar –  “No Comply” Red Bull gallery, Alexandria, Sydney, Aust.
  • 2008     Nov –  Final of Signature of Melbourne art prize, Central pier venue Docklands, Melbourne.
  • Nov  – “Art Sydney” With Art Gallery collections, Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia.
  • Jun –  “Contemporary show” Ronald Coles investment art, Kenthurst, N.S.W Aust.
  • 2007     Dec –  “Gifts” Studio 717 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A
  • Nov –  “Internationally Emerging Artists” Invitation show Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai China.
  • Oct –  featured at Art Gallery Collections stand. Art Sydney, Fox studios Syd. Aust.
  • Oct –  “Modern contemporary works” Manyung Gallery, Vic. Aust.
  • 2006     Nov –  “Coathangers” In conj. with C.W.C.A Shep Art Gallery. Shep. Vic.
  • Oct –  “Coathangers” In conj. with C.W.C.A Yarra sculpture gallery, Rich. Melb.
  • Jun –  Art Sydney- Fox studios-Sydney featured by Art Gallery Collections, Qld.
  • 2005     Dec –  “The Christmas show” Bloxham Galleries, London.
  • Nov  – “Balmain Art Show” Balmain, N.S.W. Aust.
  • Oct –  London Affordable Art Show, with Bloxham galleries, London.
  • Oct –  “Face Off” Port Art Gallery, Port Melbourne, Melb, Aust.
  • Sep –  “Outback at Manyung” Manyung Gallery, Mt. Eliza, Vic. Aust.
  • 2004     Nov –  “Bug Series” shown with Galerie Le Siants, Czech. At the Irish Art Fair.
  • Oct –  “Port Art Prize Show” Melbourne, Australia.
  • Jul –  Sydney Affordable Art Fair – with Rushcutters Bay Gallery
  • Feb –  “New works” Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney.
  • 2003     Dec –  “The Blue show” Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Melb.
  • Oct –  “Mind-a-maze” Warehouse E2E4 Melbourne fringe fest. Nth Melb.
  • Jul –  “The Urban Show” Jackman Gallery, St. Kilda, Melb.
  • Apr “Wyndenham Art finalists show” Werribee Arts Centre, Vic, Aust.
  • Jan –  “New Works” Rush cutters Bay Gallery, Sydney, Aust.
  • 2002     Dec –  “The Black and White Show” The Jackman Gallery, St. Kilda, Melb.
  • Sep –  “5 on 5 show” 5 OPT Gallery ,Princes Terrace, Hong Kong.
  • Jul –  “Group Show” Mira Gallery, Flinders St. Melb.
  • Jun –  “The R-rated show” The Jackman Gallery, St. Kilda, Melb
  • 2001     Dec –  “Christmas Show” The Art shop, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Dec –  “The Red Show” The Jackman Gallery St. Kilda, Melb.
  • Nov –  “St. Kilda life” finalists exhibition, Wilson Pride, St. Kilda, Melb.
  • 2000     Oct –  “Three” Modern Art Gallery Café Group Show, St. Kilda, Melb.
  • Jul –  “Emerging Artists Exhibition”, Ardwolf Gallery, Melb.
  • Mar –  “Emerging Artists Exhibition”, Bulle Galleries, Melb.
  • 1999     Nov –  “RMIT Graduation Show”, RMIT University, Melb.
  • Apr –  “Vic. Sculpture Assoc. Show”, Melb. Flower Show, Exhib. Buildings, Melb.
  • 1998     Jun –  “Victorian Sculpture Association Show”, Telstra Building, Melb.
  • Feb –  “Ficifolia Art Show”, Drouin, Victoria
  • 1997     Sep –  “Robert Fischers’” Australian Tour, Fad Gallery, Melb.
  • Oct –  “Racing Victoria’s Spring Carnival”, Myers Window, Bourke St, Melb.
  • 1995     Feb –  “Ficifolia” Art Show, Drouin, Victoria.
  • Jun –  “International Opening Exhibition”, Stone Heritage Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Corporate commissions/collections

  • 2009     Jun –  AXA Insurance co, head office, Bern Switzerland.
  • 2008     Dec –  Luna Park, Melbourne, Aust.
  • Jan –  Digital Force, Broadway, New York, United States.
  • 2007     Nov –  Zhejiang Everflourish Electrical Co.Ltd Shanghiai, China
  • 2006     Mar –  Masada Hospital – Caulfield, Melb. Aust.
  • 2004     Apr –  Paintings-Third Earth cocktail bar Malvern.
  • 2003     Nov –  Paintings- Artistic, Melb. Aust.
  • Nov –  Paintings- Melbourne Zoo, Aust.
  • Oct –  Painting- T.L.C Melb. Aust.
  • Jan Paintings x 3, Opal Cars,Frankfurt, Germany.
  • 2002     Oct Painting. Langwarrin sports medical centre, Langwarrin.
  • Jun Mural-painting, Café Vous, St-kilda East, Melbourne.
  • Apr Outdoor rave design for feature film, One perfect day, Lightstream Films
  • Mar Installation “QBH nightclub-feature Film” One Perfect day Lightstream Films.
  • Feb Mural, St Kilda Inn Hotel, St Kilda, Melb.
  • Oct Painting – featured rock video clip – “20 years”, Something for Kate.
  • 2001     Oct Painting – Bella Blooms Holistic Health Centre, Armadale, Melbourne
  • Jun Painting – featured rock video clip – “Truly”, Angelfish.
  • Jan Painting – One plus One Business Consultants, Malvern, Melbourne
  • 2000     Jul Painting – Bella Blooms Holistic Health, Armadale, Melbourne
  • Jun Set design & Construction-Beaumaris Theatre Co, Melb.
  • Mar Mural, Daily Planet, Elsternwick, Melb.
  • 1999     Jan Production Design & Construction-Jack of all Trades Theatre Co. Melb.
  • 1998     Aug Outdoor Sculpture – Parkdale Secondary College, Melb.
  • Mar Sculptures – Wax Studios, Richmond
  • 1997     Sep Painting for Window Exhibition, Vic. Racing Com. & Myers, Melb.
  • Jun Permanent Installation – Private Residency, St. Kilda, Melbourne
  • 1995     Feb Mural (outdoor) – Wax Studios, Richmond
  • Jan Mural- Cloudbreak Hotel, Capetown, Sth. Africa.
  • 1992     Dec Scenic Art – Seneca Productions, Melbourne

Organization/ Selected–Private Collections

  • 2007     Nov Shanghai Barsel Art Centre collection, Shanghai, China.
  • Nov Louis Gao, collection Ningbo. China
  • Feb Art Gallery Collections, Gold Coast, Qld
  • 2006     May Sarchi Property Developments, Melb. Aust
  • Mar Trevor Victor Harvey collection
  • Apr The Honorable Paul Guest. Private collection
  • 2005     Feb Rick Allert, Chairman Coles Myer, Australia
  • 2004     Nov Vernissage Art Magazine, Vienna, Austria
  • Jun Ken Bruce, furniture entrepreneur/personality
  • Apr The Honorable Paul Guest. Private collection
  • 2003     Nov Tender Loving Care, Melb. Aust
  • Oct The French Corner, Kew, Melb. Aust
  • Mar Southern Media Group, Melb. Aust
  • 2002     Sep Elliots, Toorak, Melb
  • 2001     Feb Artward Bound, Melb
  • 2000     Mar Julian Burnside Q.C private Collection, Melb
  • Mar Artward Bound, Melb
  • 1997     Oct Myer, Melb

Art Prizes

  • 2008     Nov Top 12 Finalist Signature of Melbourne art prize. Melb. Aust.
  • 2007     Nov Winner emerg. Invitation – international artists exhib. Asia/Pacific region Shanghai art Fair China.
  • Oct Selected for invitation exhibit at Shanghia Art Fair- Artist of now!
  • 2004     Sep Winner, Port Art Prize, Melbourne.
  • 2005     Jun Winner, Port Art Prize, Melbourne, People’s Choice Award

Gallery Collections

  • 2008     Feb “Trybe an opera in paint” dvd in NGV collection melbourne.
  • 2006     Apr Trevor Victor Harvey Fine Art Gallery, Sydney.
  • 2004     Oct The Art Factory, Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • 2003     Nov Jackman Gallery, Melb. Aust.
  • 2002     Nov Artefacts International, Melb, Aust.
  • Oct The Art Gallery Café, Dalat. Vietnam.
  • 2001     Feb The Art Collection Centre Co, Klongtoey, Bangkok,Thailand.
  • 1995     Jun Stone Heritage Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe


  • 2011     Feb Cathy Freeman foundation auction, Scott Livesey gallery, Melb. Aust.
  • 2010     Aug Menzies- Melb. Lasalian fine art auction
  • 2009- 2010   Mutual art auctions – Europe
  • 2008     “Celebrity paintings” auctioned for the ladder foundation
    2011     Feb “Arts hub heartbreak” Caulfield Leader cover story on the Breslin gallery.
  • 2010     Dec “Artists congregate” Caulfield Leader cover story on the Breslin gallery
  • Feb “Powerful in paint” Northcote leader, pic and editorial.
  • Jan “Going fruity” Picture & editorial. Port Phillip leader.
  • Jan “Glass act in show unity” Pic. & Ed. Frankston Independent.
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Television editorials/features

  • 2008     Jun “Myer canvas perf. Painting Ron Barassi Channel 9 news story.
  • Jun “Myer canvas perf. Painting Channel 10 news team, Ch.10 weekend news.
  • Jun “Myer canvas perf. Painting Ron Barassi Channel 10 news story.
  • 2007     Apr The Today Show channel 7 feature with Steve Jacobs.
  • 2006     Jan “Art for everyone, life for all” – exhibition – story channel 9 news
  • Nov The breakfast show channel 31 special live guest
    Public talks/lectures/education
    2011     July “Career talk” Daylesford secondary college. Dalesford, Vic, Aust.
  • 2010     Aug “Found Object collages” 14 workshops/classes St Joan of Arc, Brighton, Melb, Aust.
  • June “Bug Workshop” talk and workshop. Eltham college, Eltham, Melb, Aust.
  • May “Cultural tree mural” Sorry day – reconciliation week, Deer park, Melb. Aust.
  • 2009     Nov “My work and career” 3 talks Geelong Christian college, main campus, Waurn ponds. Vic.
  • Oct “10 murals in 12 days” funded driving trip to remote schools to create murals with 1500 kids.
  • 2008     Sep Presented film of Breslin Opera “trybe” at Conscientia – festival, Salt Lake City, U.S.A
  • 2007     Jul “Anthony Breslin presents his opera “Trybe”” – Cube 37 Frankston Arts Centre
  • 2005     Sep “The Artists Lounge with Anthony Breslin” – Cube 37 Frankston Arts Centre
  • Apr “Arts speak with Anthony Breslin” Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, Melb. Art Fair Art direction and design


  • 2007     July “Design of fruit-vegetable post box for launch of new Australian stamp on Victoria Markets, Melb.
  • 2006     Nov The wedding of Greg and Susan Long, Melb.
  • 2004     Mar Original Anthony Breslin ART t-shirt launch-Melb-Fash-Incubator. For Melb. Fash. Fest.
  • Mar Design and installation offices/boardroom for Simple I.T. Design Co.
  • 2003     Nov “Animus Day Function” art direction and art. Melbourne Zoo. Melb. Aust.
  • Nov “Frog Day” Melbourne Zoo.-incl. 8 large paintings-Melb. Aust.

Music video

  • 2003     Dec “Shower” Sandrine. Black Cat Prod. Melb. Aust.
  • Aug “Song for a Sleepwalker” Something for Kate. Swish Prod. Melb. Aust.
  • Jan “Back to You” Low Frequency Occupation. Ripple Films, Melb, Aust.
  • 2002     Sep “World at my feet” Dan Greenwood. Melb. Aust.
  • Aug “Maddona”, The Androids.Ripple Films, Melb, Aust
  • Winner of Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) ‘Best Video’
  • Jul “Here Comes September” Wakiki and Ben Lee. Black Cat Prod. Melb. Aust.
  • Jun “Dirty Deeds” Tex Perkins and You am I. Ripple Films. Melb. Aust.
  • 2001     Nov “Heaven Sent” Killing Heidi, Ripple films Melb, Aust.
  • Sep “20 years” Something for Kate. Ripple Films. Melb. Aust.
  • Feb “Take me Away”. Lash. Ripple Films. Melb. Aust.
  • Jan “Secret agent man” The Superjesus. Ripple Films. Melb. Aust.
  • Jan “Get Up”, You am I. Ripple Films, Melb. Aust.


  • 2008     Mar “Lovers and Haters” Adelaide Festival, Norwood concert hall. Adelaide Australia.
  • 2007     Feb “The Object of Desire” La Mama, Carlton. Melbourne
  • 2005     Jun “Homme Fatale” Fly on Wall Prod. – Pleasance Theatre, London, U.K.
  • Jun “Fresh Pleasures” Fly on Wall Prod. – Pleasance Theatre, London, U.K.
  • 2004     Jul “The Lost” Chapel off Chapel. Performing Arts Projects. Melb.
  • Feb “1001 Night Stands” Midsummer Festival, Theatreworks, Melb.
  • Feb “Home Fatal” Midsummer Festival Theatreworks, Melb.
  • 2003     Aug “The Edge of Zero” Browns mart theatre. Darwin, Northern Territory, Aust.
  • May “The War against Short Trousers” Chapel off Chapel, Melb. Aust.
  • 2000     Jun “Skylight” Beaumauris Theatre Co. Melb. Aust.
  • Jan “The Three Little Pigs” Jack of all Trade Prod. Melb Aust.
  • 1994     Aug “The three Musketeers” Seneca Productions. Melb. Aust.


  • 2007     Feb Animation for documentary “Fearless” Screened at A.C.A Fed, Sq. Melb.
  • 2006     Apr “Yellow glen TV commercial – art direction & design
  • 2004     Jan “My Sister” Elizabeth Green Prod. V.C.A Melb. Aust.
  • 2003     Mar “One Perfect Day” Feature Film. Lightstream Films. Melb Aust.
  • 2002     Jun “Behave” (short film). Ripple Films. Melb . Aust.
  • Nominated for Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award for Best Art Direction

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