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Alan Marshall was born in Barnsley, England in 1941.
Deceased 2021

“My paintings are my way of expressing the unique and clear light of Australian very early mornings and late afternoons in contrast to the soft filtered light of Europe”  

Since moving to Australia in the early 1980’s Alan Marshall has captured this unique light in his atmospheric paintings of many Australian seascapes and landscapes.

Residing in Perth since 1981, Alan Marshall has mastered the art of painting the Australian light, capturing beautiful atmospheric moments that are fleeting in real time, the changing intensity of light and colours that are gone in a blink to remain only in memory.

Alan Marshall studied drawing, painting and sculpture at Fairfield House, Barnsley School of Art. In 1976 he was among a group of British Artists granted awards by the Arts Council of Great Britain. He lived for a time in France, working in Paris and Provence and later in Barcelona, Catalonia and Southern Spain. Alan Marshall has exhibited widely in England since 1961 and in Australia since 1983, with several international exhibitions in Italy since 1996.

Read the below Up Close & Personal completed by Alan Marshall in 2016

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic and realize you had talent?

From childhood

Where did you learn your art?

School and later full time student at Barnsley School of Art

What inspires you most?

Figures and landscapes

What message are you sending to the viewer of your art?

Look – Don’t think…

Describe your studio…

Attached to the home – built by my brother and myself, large.

Describe your typical day of creating art…

Always looking and learning

What mediums do you use and why?

Drawings, oil on canvas. These are the best mediums for me.

What are you working on now?

Figurative work once again

What do you love most about what you do?

The anticipation of creating something unique

Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still Painting

Paintings by Alan Marshall – all sold

Alan Marshall Artist Biography


1969               Woodstock Gallery, London, England
1976               Northampton Art Gallery and Museum, England (supported by the Arts Council of Great Britain)
1976               Kaczynski Gallery, London, England
1983               Miller Gallery, Claremont, Western Australia
1989               Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
1991               Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide, South Australia
1991               Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
1996               Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
1997               Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
1998               Greenhill Galleries, Perth
2001               Greenhill Galleries, Perth
2004               Greenhill Galleries, Perth
2010               Greenhill Galleries, Perth


1961/62         Royal Sovereign National Young Artists Exhibition

Federation of Artists Gallery, London, England

1964               Northampton Art Gallery and Museum, England (with Alan Bunford)

1969               York Studio Gallery, Northampton, England

1970               Gallery 27, Northampton, England

1979               Bob Dylan Convention National Exhibition, Portland Hotel, Manchester, England

1979               Portland Gallery, Manchester, England

1980               IBM Centre Opening Exhibition, Nottingham, England

1982               Fremantle Arts Centre Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Fremantle, West Australia

1994               Australian National Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia

1995               Gunyulgup Gallery Opening Exhibition, Yallingup, Western Australia

1996               International Expo, Pordenone, Italy

1996               New Acquisitions Exhibition Parliament House Collection, Canberra, Australia

1996               Gallery Conegliano, Italy

1996               Arte Padova ’96, Padova, Italy

1997               Arte Fiera, Pondenone, Italy

1997               Fremantle 6160, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia

1999               Art ’99 Expo, Fremantle WA

1999               City of Joondalup, Invitation Art Award. WA

1999               Eclectic Selectives, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2001               Greenhill Galleries, Eclectic exhibition, Perth, Western Australia

2003               Perth Festival Exhibition, Fremantle, Western Australia

2003               Greenhill Galleries, Fresh Paint Exhibition, Perth, Western Australia

2004               Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia

2004               Starlight Children’s Foundation Auction and Exhibition

2005               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2006               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2007               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2008               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2008               Greenhill Galleries Grand Opening, Dalkeith, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2009               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2009               SKETCHED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

2010               SQUARED, Greenhill Galleries, Perth


Arts Council of Great Britain Award
Coopers and Lybrand Corporate Collection, Sydney
Ministry for the Arts, Adelaide
Parliament House Collection, Canberra
Abensperg – Traun Collection, Vienna
And numerous corporate private collections in Australia, Africa, Austria, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.


New Art Eight – Profiles in Contemporary Australian Art, Nevill Drury, Craftsman House, 1994
Hammers of Tin – Illustrations and cover painting for volume of poetry by Patrick Finn, Access press, 1995


Exhibition Review, ABC Arts, National Radio, September 1989
ABC Television News, Adelaide, March 1991
Channel Nine, Television Interview, Adelaide, March 1991
ABC Arts, National Radio Interview, March 1991


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