10′ Gun Banks Wooden Surfboard – In The Making

10 Gun Banks Wooden Surfboard In The Making 5

The latest incredible wooden surfboard to come out of Gary Bennett’s workshop is this 10′ Gun Banks Design Balsa surfboard. Impeccably made and finished using Australian hardwoods, Balsa timber, Australian Red Cedar and Silver Ash, Gary said it was a “labour of love” and took WAY longer that he would have expected but the end result is definitely something he feels proud of.

Below we have a series of photographs which will take you through some of the making process of the 10′ Gun Wooden Surfboard, and you can watch the video of Gary Bennett talking about the making process and see the finished piece up close at every angle.

The specs for this wooden surfboard are 10′ long x 19inch wide x nearly 4inches thick which is a typical Jim Banks design perfect for pulling into heavy 20ft waves. The Australian Red Cedar was chosen for its strength, a timber often used for boat building in the past but is quite rare and hard to get a hold of nowadays. Gary has used a fibreglass bridge, which is an older more time consuming technique, and avoids drilling a plug through the timber. Hand made fins are a work of art just in themselves, and are fibreglassed into the board for longevity. Mother of Pearl inlay up near the nose and in the logo give it another element of beauty.

The 10′ Gun is finished with many layers of fibreglass, then 6 coats of an acrylic clear lacquer which dries very hard and clear, and gives a good protective element from the sun.

ENJOY… from raw timber to a finished thing of beauty…. and if you get the opportunity to visit JahRoc Galleries make sure you ask if you can pick the 10′ Gun up, put it under your arm… and imagine running down the beach and paddling it out to tackle a 20ft Margaret River wave…..

Watch the Video…

In The Making Photos…

Gary Bennett & the 10′ Gun Balsa Wooden Surfboard

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