Jo Broadhurst Exhibition “Ned’s Day Out” 22nd Jan 2016

Jo Broadhurst Neds Day Out Exhibition Promo

Put this date in your diary now and visit the gallery between 22nd January 2016 – 17th February to view a fun exhibition of sculptures by local Margaret River Sculptor JO BROADHURST.

In perfect timing for Australia Day celebrations, Jo Broadhurst has used the iconic Ned Kelly armour to help portray what it is to be an Australian, exploring the humble “Australian Dream”.

OPENING event FRIDAY 22nd January.
WINE by Stella Bella
OPENING SPEECH by Ross Lonnie.
RESPONSE by the artist – JO BROADHURST – who will talk about the inspiration behind his work.

Jo Broadhurst And The NedsArtist Statement:

“Ned Kelly’s armour is an Australian icon, in particular the image represented by Sydney Nolan with the battered armour and see through visor. This exhibition will take this visual image and use it to represent what it is to be Australian.  In many ways the ambivalent dichotomy of many Australian’s relationship to this cultural icon is symbolic of their ambivalence towards “The Australian Dream” – that is the quarter-acre block, drinking culture, chook on Sundays, football, the beach, surfing etc.  In the global age this humble, middle class ideal might seem dinky, even backwards, when contrasted against the glamour and seduction of contemporary pop culture. However I feel that this way of living is something to be celebrated, along with the sense of community and positive national identity that it promotes. This series, which places the iconic armour of Ned into these simultaneously everyday yet ideal situations, is just that kind of celebration”. Jo Broadhurst 

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks

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