Sallyanne Anderson, Perth WA

Dear Gary

I have always aspired to collect Jah Roc furniture and my first purchases were small items, being the iconic magazine rack and bar stools.

I have recently been fortunate to expand my collection and have purchased several more items of furniture for my living room, bedroom and entry.

Jah Roc has built the furniture to my specification under your supervision and every piece displays master workmanship and they are something I am proud to own and show off. I cannot speak highly enough of your craftsmen and their ability to create fine furniture.

The timber you have used were from the wind fallen trees of Boyup Brook which have given the finished product a delightful light pink shaded jarrah with fabulous detail.

Every piece is individual and unique and whilst they are things to admire for generations to come, they are also used daily therefore forming a chronicle of my family’s daily lives.

Jah Roc furniture is also a sound financial investment and this combined with the increasing shortage of uniquely Western Australian jarrah makes me feel fortunate to be an owner …however there is always room for another piece!

Please feel free to discuss my enthusiasm for Jah Roc furniture with any of your prospective clients.

Sallyanne Anderson, Perth WA, 2005

All JahRoc Furniture pieces custom made for client and delivered to Perth, WA