Mark Stothard, Perth WA

Dear Gary and David

We installed the boardroom table you made us last week in time for the big meeting we had with some Government Officials.

The table was then and has been since, the centre of attraction with everybody that sees it having to make some form of positive comment.

You have a great thing going there at Jah Roc and we, at Image, are proud to own one of your works of art and you can rest assured we will be showing it off to a wide variety of people that we get through our doors from all over the world.

Please keep this fax on file and offer it as a reference for anyone considering going your way and tell them not to hesitate to call me if they need further clarification.

There is always a “coldy” in the fridge if either of you want to drop in and see how well it fits into the overall look of the boardroom.

Thanks very much.

Mark Stothard, Perth, WA 2004