Kevin and Glenda Brent

Good morning Gary,

Nice to hear from you again and yes, we are very much enjoying the new home. Fresh photos are attached to this e-mail.

Funny how quickly we have settled in and now that the garden has been landscaped it really is “our home”. We are justifiably (I think) very proud of the end result.

Your fine furniture has become a real focal point. It comes into view as soon as guests step down from the front entry hall and I only wish we had recorded some of the comments, ranging from wonderful, marvellous, stunning, essentially Australia, stylish to simply fabulous.

Perhaps the greatest compliment we could offer is to let you know that despite having had dinner guests every Saturday night since early February we are still to use the lounge suite in the dining room.

People simply love to sit at the table and enjoy the most comfortable chairs they have ever sat on at a dining table, their words, not mine. It is common to find us still at the table long after midnight.

We could not recommend you more highly for your professionalism and craftsmanship. You are entitled to be proud of you “works of art”.

If you have occasion where you would like to present your furniture to prospective customers we would be delighted to offer our home as “your showroom”.

Best wishes for the future to yourself and all at “JahRoc”.

Kevin and Glenda Brent, Victoria, Australia, 2003

Murchison Dining Table and Dance Dining Chairs custom made and delivered to Victoria, Australia