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Jah Roc Furniture Designers – Australia’s Most Highly Awarded Furniture Designers
We are the recipients of over 40 awards for exceptional, finely crafted and creative furniture, cementing our reputation as top Australian furniture designers.

Unique Furniture Makers – Furniture Makers With The Most Australian Awards
Our relentless pursuit of excellence in design and product quality has been extensively recognised by industry and clients alike.

Contemporary Furniture – Contemporary Furniture From JahRoc
Jah Roc contemporary furniture is comfortable, elegant and a stunning addition to any home or office.

Dining Room Furniture – Dining Room Furniture From JahRoc
As furniture designers located in the magnificent south west region of Western Australia, Jah Roc dining room furniture designs combine the grace and beauty of the State’s jarrah, karri and marri forests with the fluid lines and raw energy of the Indian Ocean.

Dining Tables – Unique, Contemporary Dining Tables From JahRoc
Jah Roc’s finely crafted and creative dining tables are a stylish, stunning addition to any dining setting.

Coffee Tables – Coffee Tables in Jarrah & Marri – Unique & Elegant
Jah Roc coffee tables make elegant, eye-catching additions to your home, office or business establishment. Our coffee tables have chunky, simple lines.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture – Contemporary Bedroom Furniture & Dressers
Our range of contemporary bedroom furniture is stylish, with simple lines and quality construction.

Dining Room Chairs – Unique Dining Room Chairs From JahRoc
Our dining room chairs are stylish with simple lines and quality construction. They are functional artforms to be enjoyed for generations.

Dining Room Sets – Unique Dining Room Sets From JahRoc
e have a passion for producing beautiful, practical, dining room sets. The result is furniture that is unique, modern day collector items.

Sideboards – Unique, Contemporary Sideboards From JahRoc
JahRoc, Australia’s most highly awarded furniture designers, design and craft sideboards that are unique, collector items.

Four Poster Beds – Stylish, Elegant Four Poster Beds
Our four poster beds are stunning, elegant and practical for any bedroom.

Contemporary Office Furniture & Jarrah Furniture From JahRoc
Each piece is a work of art to be enjoyed for generations. Our contemporary office furniture range is appreciated by discerning individuals with a taste for the extraordinary.

Home Office Desks – Home Office Desks & Modern Desks
Our home office desks have asthetically simple lines and are flawlessly made.

Wine Racks & Bar Stools – Unique, Contemporary Wine Racks & Bar Stools
Our wine racks, with their simple lines, perfect construction and stylish appearance, appeal to discerning individuals. Choose from our popular range of contemporary wine racks that suit those with a taste for the extraordinary!

Display Cabinets – Unique, Contemporary Display Cabinets
Jah Roc display cabinets are elegant, eye-catching additions to any living area or office.

Rocking Chairs – Rocking Chairs That Are Heirloom Quality & Unique
Our rocking chairs not only conform to the shape of your back providing excellent lumbar support, the overall design is both functional and elegant.

Buffets – Unique, Contemporary Buffets From JahRoc
Choose from our popular range of contemporary buffets. They suit those with a taste for the extraordinary!