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Branching Out Jarrah Desk


“Branching Out” desk – I love the part of a tree where it takes off in 2 directions. It’s a bit like life where sometimes you could go either way. Some years ago now we made a decision to go east instead of south when we went to York to renovate the Old York Flour Mill. That decision yielded some of the most prosperous years we’ve had in business. 10 years later I went back to the fork and headed south down to Margaret River which was a decision that yielded some of the most creative years we’ve had.

As with all decisions and points of change there is turmoil and in timber when this happens the turmoil creates stunning grain patterns we call crotch wood. This desk is made from beautiful Jarrah crotch wood salvaged from a fallen tree and I would hope the future owner of this desk benefits as we have from “Branching Out”.

Materials: Jarrah single slab with stainless steel
Size: Pictured- 2600L x 1190/865W x 750H

Custom made to order. Price may vary. Contact us for a quote

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Branching Out Jarrah Desk
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