JahRoc create the 2018 Margaret River Pro Trophies

Gary Bennett and David Paris at JahRoc were really excited and truly honoured to be asked by WSL to design and make the 2018 Margaret River Pro Trophies.

As a highly regarded furniture maker for the last 30 years and a passionate surfer for over 4 decades, Gary seemed the perfect choice by WSL who wanted to bring the local wood element into the new trophy design this year and for the trophies to reflect the essence of the region.

A culmination of landscape, surf and experiences in the Margaret River region influenced Gary’s final design, which he explains in the video interview below.

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Gary Bennett talks about the design concept and inspiration behind the new and exciting 2018 Margaret River Pro Trophies.

ABC Radio Interview Gary Bennett

A fantastic conversation, have a listen to this…

2018 opening press conference

The new 2018 Margaret River Pro Trophies were unveiled today, 10th April during the opening press conference where reining champions gathered and were interviewed, a welcome to country and dance was performed, and the 3rd and final Australian leg of the 2018 world WSL Champion Tour was officially opened.


Gary Bennett has enjoyed being involved as the creator of the 2018 Trophies, and also the Art curator and supplier through JahRoc Galleries for the VIP and Surfers marquee’s at The Margaret River Pro.

In The making progress images

From concept drawings, scale designs, sifting through piles of timber to get the desired timber selection with grain patterns that compliment the design and tell unique stories. Pattern making to get a 3 dimensional visual on perspective and proportions, shaping the peaks of the waves and adding inlays to give shape and interest. Sanding and polishing to a perfect finish and the final inlay of the stainless steel plaques. A labour of love, finishing in truly amazing trophies that the 2018 winning recipients can be proud to have on show.

A nice addition was the design and construction of collapsable timber stands to present the trophies on. Timber bolts were made be cutting a thread in Oak dowels which were then tapped into Marri and Jarrah back boards. The idea was to have something that could be packed away in the winning surfers suit case and easily put back together at home.

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