Jane McKay – Artist – Abstract Paintings

 Jane McKay is an acclaimed Western Australian painter and artist who creates abstract works that respond to the natural environment. Her skillfully executed paintings strive for meanings beyond the boundaries of logic and explore the sublime. Jane has held numerous solo exhibitions in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Japan and Los Angeles as well as participating in selected group exhibitions. Jane has worked as an art curator and educator and has received awards and grants from arts bodies such as Arts W.A. and Art on the Move. Jane’s work is held in collections including Austrade Singapore, Art Forum JAFRO Japan, ANZ Private Bank and in private collections both nationally and internationally.


Jane McKay – Artist Biography

Jane McKay’s paintings are ‘flights of imaginative energy which bring the landscape, the creative mind and the viewer into a dynamic synthesis’.”  –  Jan Altmann

The land is portrayed both as place and as life essence. Jane McKays’ paintings are responses to the natural environment which reveal existential themes. The expressive marks of Jane McKay’s paintings are decorated with tiny, indispensable details of the natural world.

The paintings exhibit our emotional response and connection to the land and capture elements of textural nuance and emotive verve. The pigment appears in layers as though the colour is woven into a dense surface plane of abstraction.  Skilfully executed in style, structure, and perspective the paintings convey a sense of the transcendent, they strive for meaning beyond the boundaries of logic and explore the sublime.


2008     Temporal Worlds, Elements Art Gallery, Perth, Australia

     Like A Moth to a Flame, Soho Galleries, Sydney, Australia

     Abstract Lands, The Hyatt, Australia Japan Conference, Perth, Australia

     Land and Water, Art Forum JARFO Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2007     Elan, Thierry B Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

     Journeys, Elements Art Gallery, Perth, Australia

2006     Timeless Solitude, Soho Galleries, Sydney, Australia

     Tempo, Tristan’s The Gallery, Perth, Australia

     Volante, Monart, Dalkeith, Perth, Australia

2005     Outback, Gig Gallery, Sydney, Australia

     Distant Horizon, Manyung Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

     Landscape Abstraction, Momentous Arts, Singapore

     Desolate, Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Australia

     Avalon, BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA

     Land, Code Red Art, Perth, Australia

2004     Night and Day, Kings Art Gallery Cafe, Perth, Australia

2003     West Australian Landscape, City of Subiaco, Perth, Australia

2002     Arial, Kings Art Gallery Cafe, Perth, Australia

2001     Jane McKay, New Works, Bentley Pines Gallery, Perth, Australia.


2008     Minnawarra Art Award, Armadale, Western Australia

     Elements Art Gallery, Perth, Western Australia

2007     Art and About, Contemporary Australian Art, Momentous Arts, Singapore

     Hong Kong Art Walk, Gaffer Studio, Hong Kong

     Cossack Art Award, Cossack, Western Australia

     Minnawarra Art Award, Armadale, Western Australia

2006     McKay, Milunovic and Giles, Elements Art Gallery, Subiaco, Western Australia

     Cossack Art Award, Invited Artist, Western Australia

     Art Sydney 06, Thierry B Gallery, Soho Galleries, Sydney

2005     John Glover Art Prize, Evandale Tasmania, (short-listed entry)

     Sydney and Melbourne Affordable Art Shows, Australia

     Mandurah Inaugural Art Award, Mandurah, Western Australia

     Vast Land, Momentous Arts, Singapore

2004     Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale, Adelaide, South Australia, (short-listed entry)

     Richard Martin Fine Art, Sydney, Australia

     Out from Down Under and Beyond, Agora Gallery, Soho, New York, USA

     Vast, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2003     Vast, Moores Building, Fremantle, WA (with David Giles, Dragica Milunovic, Deborah Savage)

     Margaret River Galleries, Selected Works.

     Cossack Art Award, Town of Vincent Art Award, Canning and Katanning Art Awards

     Left, Mundaring Arts Centre, Vivarts Group, Mundaring, W.A.

     Away from Home, Vivarts Group, Travelling Exhibition, Narrogin, Albany, Kalgoorlie,  Geraldton, Mandurah, Fremantle and Esperance, in conjunction with Art on the Move

     Selected works, Linton and Shaw Gallery, Code Red Art, Hawthorn Gallery, Perth

2002      Basoda Gallery, Subiaco, selected works

     Vivarts @ 274, Vivarts Group, 274 Gallery, Northbridge, Perth

     Code Red Art, selected works, Claremont

2001     Jane McKay, Branko Pravika, Michael Kimba, Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle

     Seeing Eleven, Vivarts Group Moores Building, Fremantle

2000     Ho Ho Ho, AFWA Christmas Show, Moores Building, Fremantle

     Albany Art Award, Albany

1999     New Collectables Gallery, Fremantle, Group Exhibition, Dec/Jan.

1998     Boxibition, Curtin University Exhibition, Bentley

     Atwell Portrait Prize, Atwell Gallery, Melville

1997     Field of Dreams, S.H. Ervin National Trust Gallery, Sydney

     Love Letters to John MacDonald, 151 Regent Street Gallery, Sydney

1996     Selected Works, The Seahorse Gallery, Sydney

1995     The Axis Gallery, Sydney, selected works

1994     ‘Selected Works’, Ceramics, Gallery Six, Sydney


2008      Highly Commended, Minnewarra Art Award, Armadale, Western Australia

2008      Country Arts WA, project grant for Sandstone Public Artworks and Artist Residency

2008      Artflight Grant from ArtsWA for solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan

2007      Australia Japan Foundation Grant, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Commonwealth of Australia

2005      Community & Cultural Development Grant, Jolimont Primary School, Centenary Art Projects

2005      Artflight Grant from ArtsWA for solo exhibition at BGH Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2004      Highly Commended, Victoria Park Art Award, Perth

2003      Artflight Grant from ArtsWA for group exhibition at Span Galleries, Melbourne, VIC.

2002      Rosalie Primary School, Community and Cultural Development Grant from the City of Subiaco,

2000      Art on the Move Grant, Vivarts Touring Exhibition, ‘Away From Home’, throughout W.A.


2008     Judging of the City of South Perth, Emerging Artist, Art Award

     110th Anniversary Exhibition of Perth Zoo, curating, City of South Perth

     Curating of Christobel Bennett and Peter Kendall exhibitions, City of South Perth

     Sandstone Community Art Projects, Sandstone, WA

     Artist in Residence, Sandstone Primary School, June 2008

     Judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award for Young Artists, City of Subiaco

     City of Stirling, art activities for 1200 children for RSLS Australian championships

2007     Judging of the City of South Perth Art Award

     Curating of the Japanese Pottery Exhibition, City of South Perth

     City of Bayswater, youth workshop, career development – Art and Design

     Abstract Beginnings, curating, Claremont School of Art, student exhibition

     City of Stirling, art activities for 1200 children for RSLS Australian championships

     Judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award for Young Artists

     City of South Perth, curating, ‘The Art of Illustration’, works on paper by Shaun Tan

2006     City of Belmont, Curating of The Japanese Embroidery Exhibition

     Curating of The Japanese Embroidery Exhibition, Heritage House Cultural Centre, South Perth

     Curating and Judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

     Elements Art Gallery, Subiaco – commissions for clients

2005     Jolimont Primary School, three Centenary Art Projects, Artist in Residence

     Curating and Judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

     Elements Art Gallery, Subiaco – commissions for clients

2004     Art from Recycled Materials, seven workshops for the City of Subiaco

     City of Cambridge, design of banner for Council Week

     Curating and Judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

2003     Short-listed for MetroRail Railway percent for Art Project, Perth, Australia

     Curating and judging of the Shaun Tan Art Award

     Artist in Residence, August / September, Churchlands Senior High School

     Co-ordination of City of Subiaco, Library – Mural Project painted by Shaun Tan, Perth

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

2002     Rosalie Primary School, ‘Under the Sea’, mosaic project with year 5 students

     Co-ordination of City of Subiaco, Children’s Library – Mural Project painted by children’s illustrator Shaun Tan, Perth

     Judge for the All Saints Literature Festival for the Primary Art category

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

2001     City of Subiaco Library, commission for ‘Transitions’, mosaic, 300 x 100cm, Perth

     City of Subiaco, Children’s holiday art programs

1997     Double Portrait, oil painting, Private Collector, Sydney

1996     Portrait, pencil drawing, Private Collector, Sydney

     Pastel Drawing, Private Collector, Sydney


  • Austrade (Australian Trade Commission) Singapore
  • Art Forum JARFO Japan
  • ANZ Private Bank
  • District Court of Western Australia
  • City of Subiaco
  • Match Property Development Group
  • Perth Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Powell Management Services
  • Chambers of Sir Francis Burt, Wilson & Atkinson Barristers and Solicitors
  • City of Armadale
  • Real Asset Services
  • Moora Fine Art Society
  • Seaforth Print Collection
  • Australian Money Planners
  • Maple Interiors
  • Law School – Macquarie University, (limited copyright, drawings for book covers)

and private collectors in:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Singapore


2001     Bachelor of Arts (Art) Curtin University WA

1997     Diploma in Fine Art – first year, Seaforth College of TAFE

1996     Certificate in Fine Arts, Seaforth College of TAFE

1985     Tasmanian Teaching Certificate

1984     Bachelor of Education, University of Tasmania


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