JahRoc Galleries host between 5 to 7 major Art Exhibitions per year.

JahRoc’s dedicated exhibition space is a large cavernous area with high ceilings and loads of natural light.


Being one of Australia’s largest contemporary art galleries, in unison to showcasing an Art Exhibition, the remainder of the gallery’s wall space is hung with a tasteful collection of JahRoc’s stable of Artists. With over 700m2 of wall space and a further 200m2 art rack room, there is plenty of art to choose from at all times.

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December 2020 | Leigh Hewson-Bower

October 2020 | Lauren Wilhelm

July 2020 | Astrid Dahl

11th April 2020 | Argyle Pink Diamonds | Desert Rose Jewellery | Gemma Baker Jewellery | Investment Diamonds  view exhibition



27th December | Josh Windram & Ingrid Windram | “Metamorphosis” view exhibition



12th October | “Get Uked” x25 artistically embellished Ukuleles by x25 of JahRoc’s Artists view exhibition

11th October – 13th October | Guitar Private Collection including a Casimi and Mark Mainguard custom made guitar view exhibition

These events are part of the 2019 Strings Attached Festival.

20th July | Joe Webster, Stu McMillan | “On Location” Margaret River view exhibition

1st July – 20th July | Follow Joe Webster’s On Location Painting Journey view here

20th April 2019 | Felicia Aroney, Gordon Glass Studios | “In Season”  view exhibition

27th April 2019 | Liv Vardy | “Artist In Residence & Exhibition” view exhibition

9th March 2019 | Gemma Baker, Leigh Hewson-Bower, Gary Bennett | “Intrinsic Form” view exhibition

27th December 2018 | Wendy Arnold | “Allure” view exhibition

30th June 2018 | Ralph Stanton, Geoffrey Wake & JahRoc Furniture | “Landscape Yet Not Landscape” view exhibition

14th July 2018 | Georgia Morgan “Oceanfire” sculptural fire pits view exhibition

14th – 7th May 2018 | Janine Daddo “Muse. Meander. Marvel the Margaret River view exhibition

18th April 2018 1 night only – Mat Manners Surfboards “Art Meets Function” view exhibition

23rd March till 9th April 2018 | Judy Prosser, Ingrid Windram & Larry Mitchell | “North & South Perspective” view exhibition

2nd March 2018 | Kerry Nobbs “Spirit of the Ocean” view exhibition

27th December 2017 | “Summer Delight” Christmas Mixed Exhibition view exhibition

17th November 2017 | “Bromley Art & Gourmet Local Tastes” A Gourmet Escape Fringe Event view event

11th November 2017 | David Bromley “Tales From Within The Studio” view exhibition

7th September 2017 | Felicia Aroney “Spring at Cape Lodge” view exhibition

23rd September 2017 | Jordan Sprigg “Land, Sea and Sky” sculptures view exhibition

1st July 2017 | Janine Daddo “From The Sea” view exhibition

14th July 2017 | Astrid Dahl “Abstracted Land” view exhibition

8th April 2017 | Helen Norton “Living With The River” view exhibition

17th February (Leeuwin Weekend) 2017 | “Diverse” Aboriginal Art | New Artists view exhibition

27th December 2016 | Bec Juniper “Soft Illusions”  view exhibitions

2nd July 2016 | Janine Daddo “Gallop” view exhibition

24th March 2016 | Autumn Fine Furniture & Art Exhibition view exhibition

22nd January 2016 | Jo Broadhurst sculptures “Ned’s Day Out” view exhibition

27th December 2015 | Lauren Wilhelm – “Suburban Intrigue” view exhibition

26th Sept 2015 | Astrid Dahl & Margaret Heenan “Earth’s Poetry”  view exhibition

27th June 2015 | JahRoc Collaborations Book Release view exhibition

5th April 2015 | Larry Mitchell “1 Degree Centigrade Project” view exhibition

19th March 2015 | Russell Ord “From the Sea” view exhibition

27th December 2014 | Bec Juniper “Personal Cult of the Land” view exhibition

7th November 2014 | MRSHS “Creating Identities” view exhibition

15th November 2014 | Kay Gibson “A Brush With Birds” view exhibition

19th April 2014 | Janine Daddo “Run Away With Me” view exhibition

9th April 2014 | Collaboration “Ocean Art at JahRoc” view exhibition

19th February 2014 | Astrid Dahl “Sunrise Sun Set” view exhibition

27th December 2013 | Jos Myers “Beach Paintings” view exhibition

2nd November 2013 | Shaun Atkinson “Short Stories” view exhibition

7th September 2013 | Kerry Nobbs “Dunes and Shorelines” view exhibition

5th July 2013 | Anthony Breslin “Solar City Sights” view exhibition

30th March 2013 | David Bromley “Every Day A Sunday” view exhibition

18th March 2013 | Mitchell Rae “A Toe in the Water” view exhibition

27th December 2012 | Larry Mitchell “Margaret River Project” view exhibition

29th September 2012 | Christine Hingston “Fish & Chips” view exhibition

20th January 2012 | Di Taylor “Back to the Ocean We Go” view exhibition


Selected older exhibitions

30th May 2009 | Larry Mitchell & JahRoc Furniture “Project West Kimberley” view exhibition

22nd March 2008 | Murray Gill “Was it the Same For You” view exhibition

27th December 2008 | Jos Myers at JahRoc view exhibition

28th July 2007 | Shaun Atkinson “Margaret River Series” view exhibition

27th February 2007 | Larry Mitchell & JahRoc Furniture “Project Abrolhos” view exhibition


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