Banks 9ft Gun Coffee Table



“Margaret River Project, Cape to Cape” view exhibition

Margaret River might be famous for it’s wine, and rightly so, but for me it is the surf that has ensured I’ve never strayed too far for too long from this region. Right back to the mid 70’s when my mates uncle used to take us down to Conto’s on the back of his tractor and we’d camp in the old fishing shacks that used to be there, this area has had a magical appeal for me. The big pin tails we used to surf in those days are still relevant today and recently when Jim Banks and I made a one off 9ft Gun design out of Jarrah it dawned on me what a beautiful shape the outline of that board is. This coffee table uses that same outline and by leaving the top flat it seems to pronounce the form even more. I’ve kept the base very simple in an attempt to leave the outline shape alone so it can speak for itself.

Materials: Marri and Jarrah timber
Size: 2760L (9′) x 524W x 400H
In Stock Now: Jarrah timber (dark) with Marri (light colour) stringers

Custom made to order. Price may vary. Contact us for a quote.

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GTIN: 6864