Nada Kesic glass art for sale. Western Australian glass artist Nada Kesic has been on a creating with passion for over 4o years. She has worked with many different mediums and art forms, each working alongside her personal journey through life as her expressive outlet. Sculpture has been her main stay; bronze, clay, wood and in recent years casting in glass. Nada Kesic enjoys the chameleon-like nature of glass from it's static form to molten liquid and at the end a constant surprise of melded colours and translucency. Nada enjoys pushing the boundaries and creates glass sculptures that are both beautiful to look at, and also leave the viewer pondering a deeper layer of meaning behind them.

Nada Kesic - Artist Biography

Nada Kesic – In The Beginning – original contemporary Glass Art for sale at JahRoc Art Galleries, Margaret River, South West Perth WA

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    Nada Kesic – In The Beginning

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    Nada Kesic – The Dress – Sunset

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  • Nada Kesic – The Dress – Moonlight

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  • Nada Kesic – Freedom To Be

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    Nada Kesic – Child Waits

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  • Nada Kesic – Butterfly Glass Platter

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