Nada Kesic glass art for sale. Western Australian glass artist Nada Kesic has been on a creating with passion for over 4o years. She has worked with many different mediums and art forms, each working alongside her personal journey through life as her expressive outlet. Sculpture has been her main stay; bronze, clay, wood and in recent years casting in glass. Nada Kesic enjoys the chameleon-like nature of glass from it’s static form to molten liquid and at the end a constant surprise of melded colours and translucency. Nada enjoys pushing the boundaries and creates glass sculptures that are both beautiful to look at, and also leave the viewer pondering a deeper layer of meaning behind them.

Nada Kesic - Artist Biography

My passion for art is a mirror of the evolving journey of myself as a painter, sculptor, ceramicist, poet and now the glass artist I am today. Glass amazes me, has captured me with its chameleon-like nature from static form to molten liquid and at the end a constant surprise of melded colours, captured bubbles and shifting shadows of translucence creating dynamic ethereal works of art. Kiln fused, slumped and cast sculptural forms. Since the 1970’s I have created sculptures in various mediums – bronze, clay, wood and now casting in glass. I want to explore and push the boundaries of what is and isn’t possible and to find my place within the bounds dictated by this medium.
Curriculum Vitae:
Nada Kesic, (1952), Western Australia

 Creative Pursuits: 1970’s to 2016 (full and part time)

at Perth Technical College, Clarement School of Art, Studio

Sculptures – Bronze, Clay,


Oil and Acrylic Painting – Perth Technical College, Claremont School of Art WA.

Diploma of Ceramics – Perth Central Tafe

Poetry, Photography.

Glass Art as indicated below.
 Glass Workshops – to 2016
Kiln Formed Fusing, Slumping, Cast, Vitrograph, Pate de Verre, Screen, Decal Printing.

Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, NSW School of Art, Art Glass Studio W.A.

NSW School of Art Casting Workshop

Hannah Kippax (UK) Kiln Casting

Alicia Lomne (USA) Kiln Pate de Verre Casting

Shona Firman  (New Zealand) Casting

Brenda Page (Australia) Casting

Narcissus Quagliata (Mexico) – Intermediate and Advanced Kiln Fusing and Vitrograph

Ruth McCallum Howell  (New Zealand) Kiln Casting

David Reekie (UK) Kiln Casting

Nathan Sandberg (USA) Kiln Casting and Colour Exploration

Steve Klein (USA) Kiln Formed Fuse and Slump

Silvia Levenson (Italy) Casting Screen/Decal Printing

Catherine Newell – (USA) Kiln Fused

Judy Elliot (Australia) Kiln Melt

Richard Parrish (USA) Casting
Aspects Gallery Kings Park WA

Zig Zag Gallery Kalamunda WA

Lava Glass Gallery Bunbury WA

Glass + More Emerge Gallery

Katanning Art Prize WA

Mundaring Art Centre Gallery WA

Old Bakery on 8th Avenue WA

City of Cambridge Art Prize WA

Artsglass Studio WA
WA Department of Education – Teacher’s Award Trophy

  • Nada Kesic – The Dress – Moonlight

  • Nada Kesic – Freedom To Be

  • Nada Kesic – Butterfly Glass Platter



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