Liddon Pearls Jewellery for sale. Designer of Liddon Pearls jewellery, Michela Boriotti Liddon is Italian born and draws from her European heritage and world travels to bring unique and contemporary design together with the traditional pearl. Celebrating the natural shapes and varying colour of the lustrous pearls harvested by the Liddon family at their pearl farm at the Abrolhos Islands WA, Michela also sources raw diamonds and hand polished resin forms to complete her unique jewellery designs. Michela spent many years in the fashion design industry before meeting Jesse Liddon and settling in Perth WA.


  • Liddon Pearls – Cage Pearl Ring

    $380.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Cage Pearl Stud Earings

    $350.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Mabe Pearl Cuff

    $350.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Abstract Resin Ring

    $180.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Light Resin Ring

    $180.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Pearl Resin Ring

    $220.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Abstract Maxi Pearl Bangle

    $440.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Abstract Mini Pearl Bangle

    $400.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Collar Necklace

    $370.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Liddon Pearls – My Diamond Bracelet

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  • Liddon Pearls – Lumina Earings

    $750.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls – Sweet Keishi Earings

    $650.00 Purchase
  • Liddon Pearls- Asymmetric Pearl Earings

    $800.00 Purchase


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