Katie Gordon drawings for sale. Emerging Perth based artist Katie Gordon is gaining fast recognition for her hyper-realistic still life drawings. Katie spent her early years in Zimbabwe and grew up in a creative and business driven family. After studying and working as a corporate accountant, she is now successfully combining these two influences in her art practice. Katie Gordon’s drawings are highly detailed and time intensive. From start to finish she uses the finest quality materials and her unique style exudes individuality and lasting appeal. “I’ve been intentional in producing work that I hope will be loved, cherished and handed down through the generations”.

Katie Gordon – Up Close & Personal


  • Katie Gordon – Orchid On Copper Plate

  • Katie Gordon – Untitled, Shadows 1

  • Katie Gordon – Untitled, Shadows 3

  • Katie Gordon – Sound Of The Sea, Ukulele

  • Katie Gordon – Passionate

  • Out of stock

    Katie Gordon – Abundant

  • Katie Gordon – Luminous

  • Out of stock

    Katie Gordon – Ethereal

  • Out of stock

    Katie Gordon – Radiant

  • Out of stock

    Katie Gordon – Fragile



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