Logan Campbell – Artist – Sculptor

Logan Campbell Fine ArtArtist Logan Campbell was born in New Zealand in 1965 and grew up in Auckland finishing his schooling at Mount Roskill grammar in 1980 to pursue a career in carpentry. After a 4 year apprenticeship Logan Campbell became an indentured Carpenter / joiner and what followed was several stints living and working in Australia and New Zealand before meeting his wife in 2000 and settling in Geraldton WA. During these years Logan Campbell has had many varied work experiences from creating beautiful curved stairs in factories in Australia and New Zealand, this is where his creative talents emerged and were honed. Logan’s other life – born out of necessity rather than choice was firstly in mining infrastructure, then years of driving large haulpacs working 4 weeks on 1 week off. While beneficial for supporting a young family, this did nothing for his mental health as he would spend 12 hours a day trapped in a metal box not much bigger than your average 2 seater sedan. He sort solace in his dream world of creativity.

Logan Campbell’s passion is with wood but a curiosity towards adaptations with metal is fueling his current creative endeavors. This current range of limited edition works explores the melding of a strong and durable stainless steel medium to cloak the beautiful feminine form which will be complimented in time by a strong range featuring the male form captured in the same way .

In addition to the stainless range Logan is in the throws of inventing a new live modeling technique to enable clients to capture their current form without the inhibition associated with existing live modelling styles. This technique will suit all shapes and sizes and will also safely capture the beautiful pregnant form, capturing time with a shimmering stainless sculpture. These works unlike a naked photo can be displayed in your home with pride and viewed by all.

Logan Campbell is constantly striving for perfection and enjoys most of all the interaction and reactions his sculpted works conjure.


Logan Campbell now resides in New Zealand.