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Shane Moad Woman Gromley Sculpture

Shane Moad – Artist – Paintings

Shane Moad – Artist Biography

Shane Moad was born in Manly N.S.W in 1959. Shane came to live in Western Australia in 1979. He has always been moved by the Australian landscape. Shane’s family on his mothers side (Blackman) are a prominent pioneering family from N.S.W having first settled their in 1801. Shane, like his family before him, has been mainly involved in the pastoral industry on stations and farms throughout the state.

In 1994 he found he had a talent in painting that was unknown to him until that time. Shane has had no formal instruction and continues to grow as an artist through observation and practice. His desire in his work is to strip it to its essence as he feels, for him, there is nothing less real than realism, the more detail there is the more confusing the painting becomes to the viewer and in the end the meaning of the work becomes lost.

He has a strong colour content in his paintings with a semi-abstract view of the landscape, which is his main subject matter. He interprets the landscape giving them almost human form with a sensual feeling to them, always hoping to bring to the viewer another way to experience the landscape.

Others have noticed his Shane’s talent, his artwork is in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and America, and his style has been recognized by leading authorities in the art world as highly unique. He has also won the Australia’s largest regional art award, “Cossack Art Award”, twice in the landscape category, this award attracts artists the calibre of Ken Done, Sally Morgan , John Borak and the late Elizabeth Durack to name a few.

Shane Moad lives in the Avon Valley township of Beverley with his wife Valerie, and their children, Ethan and Rebekah.

Shane enters very few competitions, when he does, his placing’s have been;

  • 2nd 1994 York Agricultural Show
  • Highly Commended 1995 York Earthcare Art Awards.
  • 1st 1996 York Earthcare Art Awards.
  • Highly Commended 1996 Northam Art Prize. JUDGE: Painter Arthur Russell.
  • Highly Commended 1998 Earthcare Art Awards.
  • Best Avon Valley Resident Artist 1998 York Society Art Award. JUDGES: David Walker, Adjunct Professor of Art, Curtin University and Robert Cook, midweek art critic for “The West Australian” newspaper.
  • Best Local Artist, Beverley Art Gallery 31st Purchase Exhibition 1999. JUDGES: Rosemary Hunter BA and Painter Arthur Russell.
  • Best oil or acrylic Landscape, 1999 Cossack Acquisitive Art Awards. JUDGE: Alan R Dodge, Director, Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  • Highly Commended, 1999 Cossack Acquisitive Art Awards. JUDGE: Alan Dodge , Director, Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  • Highly Commended, Beverley Art Gallery 32nd Purchase Exhibition 2000. JUDGE: Painter Arthur Russell.
  • Best oil or Acrylic Landscape, 2000 Cossack Acquisitive Art Awards. JUDGE: Painter Robert Juniper.
  • Highly Commended, 2000 York Society Art AwardHis work is collected throughout the world and is in private and corporate collections in Australia, England, America and Asia.

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