Ralph Stanton

Ralph Stanton Sky I 102X102Cm

Ralph Stanton – Artist – Paintings

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Ralph Stanton – Artist Biography

Before turning to art, I practised as an architect and town planner in Western Australia, heading my own firm until 1992. I attended Claremont School of Art, graduating in 1994.

I was born in Melbourne in 1941. I qualified in architecture before living in London, undertaking post-graduate studies. I have travelled widely in Europe, India, Japan, the Middle East, North and South America. I have been married since 1965 and have two adult children.

Since 2004 I have worked from a house and studio in Perth’s “Northbridge” area.
I have exhibited regularly since 1996.

I seek to evoke feeling, space and atmosphere, with no particular “story” or message. More a “landscape of the mind”, often strong in mood; contemplative pieces to be taken in at leisure, in different lights. I imagine it somewhat as music, speaking directly to the viewer, suggesting an often unnamed emotional state.

I am interested in expressing something of an inner light or emotional space, not personal, but non-objective and universal. My work is non-representational. It is “abstract” but is not an abstraction of any prior image; it is an attempt to capture meaning and beauty within the framework of a canvas – a timeless moment of recognition reflecting emotion and the sublime, a sort of search for order within a generally chaotic world.

I work with the interplay of surface and subsurface. I tend to work intuitively, with no initial plan other than a general approach and direction, allowing the work to evolve. I work with light, space and colour – and Perth and the West Coast generally, with its clear light and broad horizons has up until now been an absorbing source and inspiration.

With a recent installation, I attempt to express these ideas in 3D. Inside a darkened space, the work takes the form of a large jet-black cube, seemingly floating on a plinth of immaterial LED light slowly ranging through a full spectrum of colour. The viewer is invited to sit and quietly contemplate, perhaps to reflect upon his or her own “inner light”   and to enjoy the experience.

Collections Public

  • King Edward Memorial Hospital
  • Claremont Medical Centre
  • Maurice Zeffert Memorial Home

Collections Private

  • Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, London, Zurich, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Nelson NZ

Professional Associations


  • Artists Foundation of Western Australia
  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects


  • Planning Institute of Australia

Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma of Art & Design (Fine Art) Claremont School of Art (WA) 1994
  • Diploma of Town Planning (University of London) 1969
  • Bachelor of Architecture (University of Melbourne) 1964


  • 1993 – Claremont School of Art
  • 1994 – Albany Art Prize Exhibition
  • 1994 – Allegretta Studios Gallery
  • 1995 – Allegretta Studios Gallery
  • 1996 – Moores Building Gallery
  • 1996 – Inside Out Design (solo)
  • 1997 – PS Studios Gallery
  • 1997 – Moores Building Gallery
  • 1997 – Salec Minc Exhibition
  • 1998 – Old Mill Gallery, York (solo)
  • 1998 – Gadfly Gallery (solo)
  • 1999 – Festival of Perth Art Fair
  • 1999 – Salec Minc Exhibition
  • 1999 – Gadfly Gallery (solo)
  • 2000 – Vzualvibes Online Gallery
  • 2001 – Gadfly Gallery
  • 2001 – Festival of Perth (Gadfly Gallery)
  • 2001 – Salec Minc Exhibition
  • 2001 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2002 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
  • 2002 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2003 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
  • 2003 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2004 – Gadfly Gallery (with Geoff Wake)
  • 2004 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2005 – Several commercial exhibitions
  • 2006 – Gadfly Gallery (with Chubby Button)
  • 2006 – Minawarra Exhibition
  • 2006 – Elements Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)
  • 2006 – “Artitude” Exhibition at PCEC
  • 2006 – Cossack Awards (Shire of Roebourne)
  • 2006 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2006 – Mahoneys Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)
  • 2007 – Elements Gallery “4 Painters” (with Geoff Wake, Helen Forbes and Jules Sher)2007 – Hale School Exhibition
  • 2007 – “Artitude” Exhibition, Burswood
  • 2009 – Gadfly Gallery Exhibition
  • 2010 – Several local government and community exhibitions.
  • 2014 – “Dark Light” installation using LED light forms- at PSAS Fremantle, (with Geoff   Wake, Tom Muller and Horst Kornberger)
  • 2016 – “3degrees@139” private exhibition in Birchgrove,  NSW
  • 2016 –  Harrop & Co Nedlands WA
  • 2016 – Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown Sydney NSW
  • 2017 – Square One Studios group exhibition
  • 2017 – “Chaos or Control” at Stella Downer Fine Art with Sq1 Studios


  • New Residence and Studio at 28 Church Street Perth: – In collaboration with Nash & Ghersenich Architects–
  • RAIA Residential Award Commendation 2005
  • Town of Vincent – Residential Design Award 2005


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