Geoffrey Wake

Geoffrey Wake

Geoffrey Wake – Artist – Paintings

Geoffrey Wake – Artist Statement

Roleystone 1980 – 1995

After painting through the eighties and nineties somewhat in awe of aerial landscape, I moved to Fremantle, an urban environment with its grids and intersecting energies.

Fremantle 1996 – 2007

The work of this period contains the full vocabulary of the urban landscape period but is deconstructed into a grid format. It contains some geometry of the city with something of the landscape combined.

I particularly like to express the way energy is always colliding and controlled in the urban settings, so these paintings came about through combining the elements of text and grid.

The text being an important part of the urban setting is partially incorporated but as a pattern and mystery when one first views the work.

For the past year my theme has been “Mi Amigo” as expression of AFFINITY with the subject in the painting … these letters are used exclusively in the works.

Working Progress

With the three major elements in mind, I like to take the journey of the work with no destination in mind allowing deconstruction (the cut outs) to change into a building process.

Something not thought of is the goal. One arrives at the destination anew.

The titles

Express natural forces from the clouds, rain, to streams etc which are evoked in the works and I like to use other language to express the poetic aspects of the work.

One Man Exhibitions

1969   Rhode Gallery Perth

1971    Skinner Gallery, Perth

1973    Skinner Gallery, Perth

1975    Skinner Gallery, Perth

1977    Gallery 350 Perth

1978    Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle

1981    Review Show, Fremantle

1985    Quentin Gallery, Perth

1988    Greenhill Gallery, Perth

1990    Editions Southbank Gallery Melbourne, Victoria

1990    Greenhill Gallery, Perth

Shared Exhibitions

1996    “Extending the Envelope”, Moores Building, Fremantle

1997    “Rites of Passage”, Moores Building, Fremantle

2001    “Gateways”, Gadfly Gallery, Perth

2002    “Earthways and Waterways” Gadfly Gallery, Perth

2003    New Paintings , Gadfly Gallery, Perth

2004    Neo Revelations, Gadfly Gallery, Perth

2006    4 Painters, Elements Gallery, Perth

2006    4 Painters, Mahoneys Gallery, Melbourne

2007-09    4 Painters, Elements Gallery, Perth

Group Exhibitions

1970    Invitation Exhibition West Australian Institute of Technology, Perth

1973    Invited to exhibit at Sir William Angliss Art Award, Melbourne

1974    West Australian Artists Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

1980    Five West Australians, UWA, Perth

1981    Group Show Barry Stern, Sydney

1983    Group Show Holdsworthy, Sydney

The WAIT Collection Art Gallery of WA Perth

Landscapes in Watercolour, Fremantle

Invitation Wesley Watercolour Show, Perth

China Exhibition, Perth and China

1988    Matilda Bay Exhibition, Perth

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Exhibition, Perth

Editions Galleries, Melbourne

Matilda Bay Show, Perth

1988-89    Guide Dogs for the Blind Exhibition, Perth

1989    Matilda Bay Show, Perth

Newworks Greenhill, Perth

Mandorla Art Prize, Perth

ACAF 2 Art Fair, Melbourne, Victoria

Spheres of Influence(Claremont School of Art), Perth

Inaugural Exhibition of Works at Allegretta Studios, Fremantle

Anniversary Exhibition Gallery of Fine Art, Perth

1995    “The Docks Invitation Art Award”

Fremantle Festival 10-26 November 1995 Invited to participate Fremantle

1995   The Stein Collection Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

A work included in the Stein Collection; A gift to the University of Western Australia, Perth

Group Show called “Five Art” Fremantle Festival 10-19 Nov 1995 Allegretta Artists’ Studios, Fremantle

1996    Invited to exhibit at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth

2000    Finalist in Mandorla Religious Prize Fremantle

2001    A Taste of West Australian Art Calabria Italy (One of ten artists selected to exhibit in Italy).

2005    Affordable Art Show, Melbourne

2006    Melb Art fair 06 ( April), Melbourne

2006    ARTITUDE, Perth

2007    Mandorla exhibition, Perth

2007    Kalgoolie Regional Art Gallery, Kalgoorlie

Mixed Show (Elements Gallery)

2008    Gadfly Gallery , Perth

2010    Gadfly Gallery , Perth


1973-74   Power Bequest Studio occupation at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

1974    Australian Arts Council Grant

1980    Canning Art Prize (painting)

1981    Katanning Drawing prize

1987    Highly recommended, Katanning Art Prize

2007    Winner Mandjar Corporate Art Award ( painting)

2007    Winner Category 9 Cossack Art Award (Abstract painting)


  • Bayswater Shire Collection
  • Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre
  • Art Gallery of WA
  • Curtin University
  • City of Fremantle
  • University of WA
  • Skinner Collection
  • Carnegie Collection
  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
  • Education Department
  • La Salle College
  • Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
  • Many private collections

Biographical Details

1944     Born Perth

1957-60      Scotch College

1960-65      Perth Technical College

1965     Diploma in Painting

1968     Part-time Tutor, Claremont Tech (Drawing and Painting)

1971     Painted on “Thevenard Island” off Onslow in WA

1966-74    Part-time Tutor, Perth Tech (Painting and Drawing)

1976-86    Part-time Tutor, Fremantle Arts Centre (Painting and Drawing)

1978-88    Part-time Tutor, Forrestfield Tech College (Taught painting to level 120 studio level and drawing to level 100)

1980     Painted in Maningrida, Northern Territory

1980-85    Ran “Travel Art” (Art tours around WA and overseas)

1991     Part-time Tutor, Midland TAFE (Taught painting to levels 200-240)

1992-93    Tutor, Roleystone Family Centre

1994     Tutor, Armadale Family Centre (Drawing)

1994     Tutor, Armadale TAFE (Drawing)

1994     Tutor, Midland TAFE (Painting – levels 100, 120 and 240)

Feb/Mar 1995     Painting in Bali

1996     Part-time Tutor, Midland TAFE (Taught painting 240 and 360)

1996     Tutor, Midland TAFE (Painting and drawing – levels 100-380)

1997-98    Tutor, Midland TAFE (Painting and drawing – levels 100-390)

1999-2002     Painting full time for exhibition and commissions

2002-2006     Painting full time for exhibitions and commissions

2007     Painting full time

Major Works for Corporation

  • Sheraton Hotel, Perth
  • BHP, Perth
  • Jetset, Perth
  • Barclays Bank, Perth
  • Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy, Perth
  • Kalimantan Gold, Perth
  • Larchill , Perth
  • National Bank, Perth
  • Sunmark Corp, Perth
  • SECWA, Perth
  • Qantas, Perth
  • Robinson Cox, Perth
  • Education Dept of WA, Perth
  • “The Vines” Japanese Resort, Perth
  • “Omegatrend”, Perth
  • AIDC, Perth
  • ANZOIL NL, Perth
  • ANZ McCaughan, Melbourne
  • Robert Hodges Pty Ltd, Melbourne
  • Alexander Metherall Pty Ltd, Melbourne
  • Multiplex Pty Ltd, Melbourne
  • Coles Myer, New South Wales
  • Araluen Country Club , Western Australia
  • Murdoch University, Western Australia
  • 1996 Duxton Hotel, Western Australia
  • 1997 Woodside Offshore Petroleum, Perth
  • 1998 The ABS Group, Perth
  • 1999 Ministry of Health, Perth

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