Emily Jackson (Douglas)

Emily Douglas

Emily Jackson (Douglas) – Artist – Printmaking

Emily Jackson – Artist Biography

My work tends to focus on the local environment and its unique flora and fauna which I explored on a daily basis. I’m intrigued with the diversity of the Australian landscape.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience around me. I use a variety of mediums of printmaking to create images about my local environment, which is more and more becoming fragile and endangered.

Predominantly I create my work using ‘drypoint’ which is an intaglio technique where the ink is rubbed into incised lines and wiped away from the surface of the plate, so that only the lines are printed. Intaglio plates can only be printed in an etching press. It’s a completely non-toxic form of printmaking and is like using a pen without the ink – literally, drawing with a dry point. My final pieces are often achieved by using a numerous plates with a mixture of techniques.

The appeal of printmaking for me is that it can be spontaneous and highly technical. A combination of techniques can produce endless results. I find it rewarding to create something unique on a blank sheet where nothing existed before. It is always full of surprises.

Emily Jackson now resides in Margaret River and works from her home studio. Sharing her working time between printing making and her graphic design business.


  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Lincolnshire College of Art, UK
  • Graphic Design and Communication BA Hons. Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK
  • Certificate III in Visual Arts, printmaking, drawing, painting. South West Institute of Technology
  • Certificate IV in Visual Arts, printmaking, drawing, painting. South West Institute of Technology


  • Certificate in Visual Arts, South West Institute of Technology, Exhibition 2010, 2011
  • Printmakers Landscape, Heathcote Museum & Gallery, December 2013
  • Margaret River Open Studios, 19th April – 4th May 2014

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