Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott

Edols Elliott Curly Leaf Copy

Benjamin Edols & Kathy Elliott – Glass Artists


We work within the traditions of the Decorative Arts and are concerned with issues of craftsmanship and skill. We make the objects we like to see in the world and are building a body of work that we hope will be coherent as it evolves over time. We work with glass for many reasons. For Ben it is a strong attraction to the process of working in the Venetian style of glassblowing. For me I am inspired to work with glass by what is possible in terms of carving and decorating the forms and working with the light to generate a breathtaking effect. For us glass is a medium for colour and light as well as an opportunity to explore design and we look for ways to use these uplifting elements in ways that are original.


Benjamin Edols was born in 1967 in Sydney Australia, Kathy Elliott was born in 1964 also in Sydney. Benjamin completed undergraduate study at Sydney College of the Arts and went on to receive a post graduate diploma from Canberra School of Art. Kathy finished her BA at Canberra School of Art in 1991 where she met Ben. The first exhibition of their collaborative work was in 1993 at deVera in San Francisco. Since that time they have developed a body of work of blown and cold worked glass vessels and forms. They have taught in Australia, America and Japan, their work has been exhibited widely and is held in many public museums and private collections around the world. Ben is a skilled glassblower and he has worked with Dante Marioni and Lino Tagliapietra over the years. Kathy has specialised in cold working techniques such as carving and engraving .

In 2000 they built their own glass blowing and cold working studio in Sydney where they continue to work each day with the assistance of Jack Rowe and Mariella McKinley.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010     Shelter, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

     Benjamin Edols Kathy Elliott, Flame Run Gallery , Louisville KY

2009     Light Marks, William Traver Gallery, Seattle

     Studio Glass, Beaver Galleries, Canberra, Act

2008     Benjamin Edols Kathy Elliott, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland

2007     Evolve, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

     Benjamin Edols Kathy Elliott, William Traver Gallery, Tacoma

     Edols & Elliott, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne VIC.

     William Traver Gallery , Seattle, WA, USA

2006     Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott, Beaver Gallery, Canberra

2005     Autumn, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

2004     Recent Work, deVera, New York, NY, USA

2003     Cultivate II, Quadrivium, Sydney, NSW

2002     Cultivate, William Traver Gallery, Seattle WA. USA

2001     Blaze, Quadrivium, Sydney

     Botanicals, de Vera, San Francisco, USA

     Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott New Glass, Distelfink at Nellie Castan, Melbourne

2000     Light Erosion, Barry Friedman Ltd, New York, NY, USA

     Dissolve, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

     Flux, Bullseye Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

1999     Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott Studio Glass, Beaver Galleries, ACT

     Glass Lovers Weekend, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA 1998 Benjamin

     Edols and Kathy Elliott Recent Work, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

     Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott Glass, Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne, VIC.

     Skin II, de Vera, San Francisco, CA, USA

1997     Skin, Glass Artists Gallery Glebe, NSW

     Recent Work, Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany.

1996     Kathy Elliott and Benjamin Edols Carved Glass, de Vera, San Francisco, CA, USA

     Light Marks, Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne VIC

1993     Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott, de Vera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

Selected Exhibitions

2010     Winter, Sabbia Gallery, NSW

     Light in Winter, Kirra Galleries, Melbourne

2009     Maestros, Sabbia Gallery, NSW

     In Paradise, Manly Museum and Art Gallery, Manly

     Furnace, Contemporary Australian Art Glass, Tasmanian Craft Fair, Tasmania

     Vision Realized, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh

     Looking Forward, William Traver Gallery , Seattle

2008     In Essence – The Legacy of Stephen Procter, Sabbia Gallery, NSW

     Gesture and Cadence, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh

     Surface Exploration, Kirra Galleries, Melbourne

2007     Smartworks, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

     Mastery in Contemporary Glass, Gaffer Studio Glass and Starcap Galleries,Singapore

     Ranamok Glass Prize, Travelling competitive exhibition

     Tom Malone Glass Prize,Western Australian Art Gallery, Perth

2006     New Masters: New Glass, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

2006     Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

     Australian Glass 2006, Sandra Ainsley gallery, Toronto

     Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

     Art London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea

     Australian Glass 06, Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Toronto

2005     Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

     The Next Chapter, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

2004     Sydney Style. Sydney Opera House

     Marioni, Edols, Elliott. Masterworks Gallery, Auckland

     Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

2003     The Glass Vessel, Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design, Louisville, KY, USA

     Hot Glass 2003, Axia Modern Art, Melbourne

     Canberra Glass 2003, Beaver Galleries, Canberra

     20/20 Vision, Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ, USA

2002     Global Glass, Marx – Saunders Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

     Niijima Glass Exhibition, TEPCO Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

     William Traver Gallery : 25 Years, William Traver Gallery, Seattle , WA. USA

     Benjamin Edols Kathy Elliott and Tom Rowney:Studio Glass, Beaver Galleries,Canberra

     Australian Glass, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland , New Zealand

     Transparent Things,Touring Exhibition: Wagga Regional Art Gallery,National Gallery Aust

     Dialogue- Stephen Procter and Friends, Quadrivium, Sydney

2001     Lino Tagliapietro e amici, Fuller Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2000     International Craft Triennale, Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany

     At The Edge, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany; National Glass Centre,

     Sunderland, England; object Galleries, Sydney

     Desire, Quadrivium, Sydney

1999     Vetro al Femminile, Galeria Marina Barovier, Venice, Italy

     RFC Glass Prize, Volvo Gallery, Sydney

     SOFA International Art Exhibition, Berry Friedman Ltd, Bullseye Glass Co., New York

     Contemporary Australian Craft, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan

     Passion, Quadrivium, Sydney, NSW

1998     International Exhibition of Glass ’98, Kanazawa, Japan.

     Aperto Vetro Palazzo Ducale, Venice Italy

     Latitudes II, The Bullseye Connection, Portland, OR, USA

     RFC Glass Prize, touring exhibition, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Denver,Colorado.

     Masters of Australian Glass, Quadrivium, Sydney.

     Offline: An Exhibition of Soft Hardware, Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre, Adelaide

     Australian Glass – 10 Artists, Gallery Enomoto, Osaka, Japan

     Latitudes II, Gallery Himawari, Seto, Japan

1997     Collaborations in Glass, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington

     Vitreous, Queensland Craft Council Gallery, Brisbane

     Contemporary Glass, Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney

1996     Distant Points of Light, Beaver Galleries, ACT

     Kept for Best, National Gallery of Australia, Decorative Arts, Touring Exhibition

     Latitudes, Craft Council ACT, Canberra, ACT

     SOFA International Art Exhibition, Glass Artists’ Gallery, Chicago IL, USA

     A Matter of Making, Canberra School of Art Alumni Exhibition, CSA Gallery Canberra, ACT

1995     The Object All Sublime, Australian Decorative Arts Survey, Laurraine Diggins Fine Art, Melb

     Latitudes, The Bullseye Connection, Portland, Oregon USA

     Glass Weekend ’95, Habatat Gallery at Creative Glass Centre of America, Milville, NJ, USA

1994     Resource Finance Corporation Art Prize Exhibition, Finalist – Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney

     Out of Canberra, Jam Factory Craft & Design Centre, Adelaide, Meat Market Craft

     Centre, Melbourne & The Crafts Council Gallery, ACT

     The Cutting Edge, 1994 Glass Triennial, Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery, NSW

1993     $1,000 and Under, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney

     Origins and Originality, Drill Hall Gallery, Sydney

1992     Jahressmesse Kunsthandwerk, Museum for Kunst & Gerwerbe Hamburg, Germany

     Double or Nothing, Graduating Students Exhibition,

     Canberra School of Art Gallery, Canberra, ACT

     Glass: Challenging the Medium, Blaxland Gallery, Canberra

1990     Pate de Verre and Cast Glass, Glass Artists’ Gallery, Sydney

     Fellowships & Grants

2010     Australia Council Grant

2003     Australia Council Grant New Work

1998     Resource Finance Corporation Glass Prize

1995     Australia Council Grant, Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship

1994     Australia Council Grant

1993     Fellowship at the Creative Glass Centre of America

1991     First Prize: ‘Glass : Challenging the Medium’ Competitive Exhibition


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