Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor Sculpture Artist Profile

Andrew Taylor – Sculpture Artist

Andrew Taylor has been creating for most of his adult life. For the last 20 years he has made a business out of garden and landscape art, offering an alternative to mass produced water features. Andrews designs are individually created, starting as a concept drawing or painting, and reflect elements of Western Australian lifestyle and culture.

Metal wall art has also played heavily in Andrews creative journey, and his designs are unique, stylish and captivating.

Early in 2015 Andrew split his business and created ‘Ebb in Time’ returning to his roots in sculpture and with a fascination for kinetic art he created clocks and pendulums which then progressed to boats and finally figurative sculpture.

In early 2017 Andrew began a series themed around his personal journey and the value of the creative process as a means of self-reflection.

“I am fascinated with the emotional narrative, the ability to tell a story through aesthetic clues – positions, numbers and materials.

My pieces should not be taken as literal depictions. Their aim is to trigger an emotional response where the viewer can feel a familiarity with the scene.

The sculptural pieces I’m working on now explore the scientific links between our emotions and astronomical phases. The conversation continues, it is an exploration – perhaps selfishly, it steers its own course.

Mediums include metals, timber and stone. Over the years I have developed a process similar to cold casting metals but avoiding resins. Materials are chosen for their raw essence and the story they provide, I personally believe that the whole piece should come from my hands and so I create ways to make it happen.”