Liv Vardy

Liv Vardy Opal Painting

Liv Vardy Artist – Paintings

Liv Vardy Artist Statement

My paintings are created in an expressionistic approach. My hope is to convey a sense of freedom, joy and peace, using colour to express emotion. I choose to explore the positive side of our emotions, bringing the viewer into a place of unwind in our seemingly chaotic culture of modern day living. I feel using colour and negative space allows for ones eyes to roll over the canvas taking in the flow of the work.

Approaching a blank canvas without prior idea to what I will create allows a free flow of emotion and creation. I draw inspiration from nature, the way the light falls on a cloud, the grain direction in timber and movement of the sea. All I feel create a sense of calm.

Each artwork is created using layers of acrylic paint. Building the paint up to create a symphony of colour with brushwork. At times I use restraint with my colours keeping the work to a simple palette. Other times I allow vibrancy of all the colours to overtake the work layering each with transparent glazes for depth and interest.

I seek to express the beauty of colour and the flow of nature.

Liv Vardy – CV

I am currently working full time as an artist. With my youngest of 3 children starting kindy this year (2017) I have seized the opportunity to dive in to new bodies of work.

Art – 2015 to Present:
Creating artwork for the online market
Creating artwork for designer retail outlets
Commission artwork
Sale and Marketing

Accounting, Dave Vardy Building – 2005 – Present:
Invoicing, Book keeping, Xero, Customer contact

Administration, Southern Independent Property Valuers – 2005-2007:
Report preparation, Filing and general administration tasks, Scheduling, Customer contact

Sales, Christian Fletcher Gallery – 2004-2005:
Customer service, Consulting photo selection and framing, Packaging and preparations for sale

Busselton Senior High School – 2001