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Jane Liddon – Artist Profile

Jeweller Jane Liddon has drawn, painted and made things all her life. As a teenager she left the Abrolhos Islands to study art at Perth Tech (James Street) and later taught art Fremantle Community School in her 20’s.

For the next 35 years Jane skippered a small jet boat catching crayfish on Half Moon Reef at the Abrolhos Islands. In 1996, she moved her off-season house to Sumatra, and started working in textiles and jewellery. Jane works with 8 Sumatran women and a jeweller in her studio behind the nautilus shaped house she designed and built with her partner in the jungle hills south of Padang.

In 2002 the family applied for a pearl lease to diversify their Abrolhos fishing operation. These days, every year from March to July Jane Liddon lives in the Abrolhos shack her father built on Post Office Island.It is the busiest time in the pearling year.  Jane works hands-on grading and conditioning the shell prior to seeding.Round pearls are seeded by Japanese technicians. Jane seeds the half pearls known as Mabé. After the annual harvest, Jane chooses the Mabé she likes and designs a piece of Jewellery for each one.



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